Why Is International School Education Gaining Importance Day By Day?

Are you about to make an important decision for your child’s education? Looking for the best educational options? It is likely that you have come across the concept of international school education. It’s trending! More and more parents are opting for it to give their children the most enriching learning experience.

But why are international schools gaining so much importance day by day? We’ll help you figure this out in the points discussed below. Read them carefully to make an informed choice for your child’s education:

1. International schools offer a huge platter of extra-curricular activities

IB schools have been leading the game of extracurriculars with in-house facilities and brilliant trainers.

For instance, at MIT Gurukul, one of the best residential boarding schools in India, we do not restrict your child to academic performance alone. Whether your child loves to paint, tell stories, dance or solve puzzles, play sports or develop tech-enabled innovations, we help them excel in it and realise their potential.

2. They provide innovative teaching in smart classrooms

This is undoubtedly one of the most important reasons why international school education is growing faster day by day. IB school teachers are trained to keep up with the most effective teaching methods and the latest research.

Moreover, international schools have smart classrooms to help students grasp new concepts in the easiest manner, supported by digitally enabled spaces and student learning areas. The advanced infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology boost your child’s curiosity, confidence and skills.

3. They walk the extra mile to ensure special care and individual attention

International schools have a low student-teacher ratio. Therefore students get undivided attention from their teachers and can approach them for any help they require.

At MIT Gurukul, we always walk that extra mile to understand your child’s individual needs, the pace of learning and areas of strength and weaknesses. The best IB schools in the world follow this approach, and we’ve witnessed our students receive the most fruitful results from it.

4. They build your child’s social skills early on 

International schools have a diverse set of students as well as teachers. This helps the students’ cultural sensitivity, ability to work with a diverse set of people and thrive in multicultural environments. Moreover, the IB PYP syllabus has been built in such a way that it fosters social skills in children. Through interactive sessions, programs and group study, they make friends from diverse cultural backgrounds and learn how to live in harmony.

Now, how does this really help your child in the long run? In our modern society, networking is imperative to succeed and grow. In future, connections with people from various walks of life will fetch your child an array of new opportunities to thrive.

5. They know what it takes to make a global leader

Global awareness and leadership qualities are not built in a day. They require an environment that is stable, disciplined and nurturing. International schools leave no stone unturned to succeed at this.

The IB program presents global perspectives in front of students and establishes a multicultural learning environment. Children learn to cultivate a habit of respect and compassion. This is why innumerable students from international schools emerge as global leaders, and the interest in international school education is rising rapidly.
At MIT Gurukul, we religiously follow these methods and ensure that your child has a joyful learning experience. The benefits of our curriculum and teaching methods take our students one step ahead wherever they go. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our school, you may write to  admissions@mitgurukul.com to fix a schedule for your campus visit.

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