‘The aim of education is the knowledge not of facts but of values’

William Ralph Inge.

Value Education

We all will definitely agree that ‘value-based education’ is the need of today’s time. While imparting education is essentially showing the path, values are the guiding light for that path.
We at Vishwashanti Gurukul, an IB World School, aim at nurturing hearts and educating minds. Believing that creating a value-based environment instinctively enhances learning, is essential for the optimal exploration and holistic development of every student.

Nurturing Hearts

The choices young energetic minds make on a daily basis are critically important to build their character. Hence, creating a value-based ambience is imperative to enable young minds to make informed, correct decisions and take ownership for the same which is the first stepping-stone to success.
As a result, at our school we strive to incorporate value-based education and exploration while following the demands of the regular curriculum conscientiously. Our aim as mentors and caretakers is to sow the seed believing that it will bloom someday somewhere when our young minds shoulder the great responsibilities in any corner of the world and are calmly able to resist the powers of negativity ubiquitously trying their best to build a peaceful and united world.

Empower Young Minds

The value education courses are well planned and designed to empower us to elicit each child’s potential, creativity and inner hidden talents. In the process, we pursue to cultivate and strike a balance between the personal, social, intelligent and emotional quotient. Our courses revolve around the universal values such as peace, love, respect, tolerance, cooperation and freedom which are cherished and aspired for the world over. Such values are the sustaining force of human society and progress around the globe. As educators, we feel that what children and young minds learn in their formative years is later woven into the fabric of society and the world at large.

Building Strong Personality

Building Strong Personality

In alignment with the school’s vision and mission and the IB learner attributes, we aim at building strong inner characters, independent thinkers, caring and responsible global citizens along with well-educated minds believing that value-based education is a purposeful tool designed to help humanity flourish.
We thank and appreciate our parent body, as we count on your wholehearted support and cooperation as always, in all our endeavours to encourage and help your ward to put into practice all the values imbibed and to apply them in real life situations.