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Early Years
Enjoy the language and have fun

An inquiry into the ways, in which imagination can be expanded, language can be enjoyed and connections made by the tiny tots were possible only through the unit on Stories. The little ones enjoyed inquiring into ‘Stories help us to imagine, enjoy the language and have fun.’ under the theme ‘How we express ourselves’.

Clay Modelling Through this unit, the children developed their listening and communication skills as they began to talk about their favourite characters from the story. The children listen, watch the stories. They enjoyed making craft related to the story for understanding and building association with the characters. Read More

Important value are connect with their classmates

The little learners of EY3 are full of wonderings, feelings and curiosity. The most important value they have learned this month is to connect with their classmates. They greet each other daily and like to appreciate their friends. They made beautiful Friendship day cards. In English, we are working on decoding and encoding cvc words. Math is fabulous with interactive learning engagements and understanding to sequence the numbers. In the water unit, the students explored the uses and sources of water through stories, experiments, observation and are confident at speaking about the importance of water on our Earth. They created a river in the box using ice cubes for snow in the mountains.They loved learning about the oceans and marine life. Some of them feel very strongly about saving the polar bears, whales, and jelly fish. We are now moving towards the consequences of water pollution.

Matific Junior Championship

Students of EY3-PYP5 participated in the online Junior Math Championship Contest organized by Matific. They had a practice round of two days and the final contest was held on the 11-12th of Aug. Congratulations to all students who have received certificates in categories of Gold , Silver , Bronze and Participation . Following are the students who stood first from each grade Rihanna Khullar is the topper in PYP and also is among the top 100 in all the schools that participated. EY3- Hriyansh
PYP1: Ayantika
PYP2: Arnav S
PYP3: Karan
PYP4: Kanishk
PYP5: Rihanna

Primary Years
Learning Engagement

With engaging and constructive learning platform the PYP 1 students completed their first formative assessment based on the concept of the need for a home and different homes around the world. They created a house of their choice, and presented their learning by speaking about the importance of that house, the material used to build that house and where that house is found in the world and why Read More

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Middle Years Programme ( MYP )
ENGLISH Filmology- IDL SESSION- MYP 5 -by Mahi Mundada

In today’s Language and Literature class we were excited and looking forward to an IDL guest lecture with Film and Technology discipline by Mr Pramod Sahoo. We learnt about cinematography, the different composition rules and shot types and their meanings. We also learnt about different composition roles- The rule of third, symmetry, nose room, frame within a frame and balance. We also evaluated a short film and understood how different things build up a film, and how to identify them. Today’s session helped us to view videos from a different angle and be critical about the same. It was riveting to analyse and learn the technical aspects of video making. Read More

MYP Biology

MYP 1 students prepared videos , presentations and e-posters to show the importance of sunlight and multivitamins for the body. The aim of this activity was to spread awareness on taking care of yourself by following a basic routine. The students mentioned simple yet effective ways of improving the body's immunity in this crucial time. They promoted the aspect of healthy living through this task.
Students of MYP 1, explored the journey of medicines in the human body. Through the visual stimulus, students investigated the various stages of medicine after it enters the human body. This activity has helped the students to become more informed about the way medicines help to treat any illness. Read More

Poetry Recitation Competition in MYP Language Acquisition French

If we are trying to instil our students with a love of the French language and to improve their French, there is no better place to start than French poetry. No, poetry is not just for adults. We as the French department organised Poetry recitation competition across the IBMYP 1-5. In France, poetry is a very important part of the culture, and that emphasis starts early in the French education system. Students are taught to enjoy poetry in the classroom and it is a big part of the education curriculum. It is considered an art form, using aesthetic and rhythmic language to evoke meaning and emotion. In addition our French students from every class all students participated enthusiastically. The theme for the competition was Freedom/Independence/Nation. The criteria to assess the students were: Body language, and poise -5 points Pace, rhythm, intonation, and proper pronunciation- 5 points Overall Performance- 10 points Read More



Measurements and SI units are one of the basics to know and understand in Math and Physics. MYP1 students enthusiastically showcased an activity to understand the importance of standard units of measurements and drawbacks of non-standard units of measurements. Students measured their desk with the equipment of standard units of measurement and non-standard units of measurement. Read More



As a part of first unit inquiry as Creativity Promotes Well-Being in MYP 5 Dance class student studying about various choreographer’s and their work contribution towards the adverse pandemic time. As a part of knowing your artist and it’s inspiration we had invited a dance movement Artist, Ballet technician with American modern contemporary performer. Vishal Telang who graduated from PERIDANCE CAPEZIO CENTER NEW YORK CITY He has specialized in both American and European modern contemporary style. It was an interactive session where the students asked various questions. He even encouraged the students to go more deep into dancing and also learn and read more about dance history and practice more about the movement techniques Read More

Diploma Programme ( DP )
Investiture Ceremony

The investiture ceremony is something we all look forward to. Something, which sparks joy in all students. It's the event that brings us together and unites us into one. We put our house rivalries aside and come together to appreciate the elected student council members and celebrate the advent of a new academic year. Read More

Biology Activity

Students of DP1 created a brochure on to promote awareness that ‘Cancer is not contagious- Spread Awareness, Spread Hope and Not Fear.’ The activity was conducted as a part of their topic on cell biology. Students got an opportunity to demonstrate their social and research skills. Their involvement in the activity facilitated them become more sensitive towards the patients and their families. Read More

DP 1_Hindi HL

Hindi HL students had an activity based on the unit Identities. This activity talks about the lost recipes of our grandmother. The students got the following ones from the treasure of grandparents and shared it in the class. The activity was a success we all enjoyed it.
Gender Discrimination DP 2_ Hindi HL
DP2_ Hindi HL students are doing the Unit Social organizations. They had a debate on equal rights for men and women. The gender baseness in one issue which is still prevalent in our society. Sex differences in education, job and day to day life are a type of sex discrimination in the education system affecting both men and women during and after their educational experiences. ... Men and women find themselves having gender differences when attaining their educational goals.The students have expressed their feeling through the comic strip. Read More

Interdisciplinary SESSION

An interdisciplinary session was conducted by “ Dr. Priyanka Pal Ma’am “. In regards to the application of Geometric series in biology. In the session, the application of various types of series was linked with Bacterial growth, Fibonacci series in nature, carbon dating, etc. It was an interactive session where students were given a worked example for understanding the exponential growth model followed by some questions to solve and interpret the outcome. The application of growth of cancer cells in a human body followed a decay effect on it during its treatment makes it interesting where growth and decay happen simultaneously. A real-life application of math in terms of carbon dating or nuclear decay has been shown in nature with examples of Chernobyl disaster. Overall, it was a very informative session where an in-depth understanding of the mathematical calculation on predicting growth and decay in biological systems was beautifully explained by the facilitator.

Dance club

"The dance is a joy of existence”
Dancing is very well practised, loved and popular performing arts. There are wide variety of dance styles or forms that can be learn. These dance styles range from Classical dance Bharatanatyam to Hip-hop to contemporary, Bollywood, salsa, B boing and many more. Read More

Skills Club

A Life skills club is a place where a group of people will gather together on a regular basis to take on a cooking activity, try a new recipe, or learn to be creative. Read More

UPO Updates – August 2021

The University Placement office of MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul helps every student to explore possibilities – ones that go in tandem with their respective skills and abilities. This not only exposes them to a wide range of opportunities – both in India and abroad but also helps them choose the right Universities and guides them in the college application filling process. Reputed universities from India and abroad regularly visit the campus, in the process, opening up a world of opportunities for every student. We are very keenly working towards developing clarity of purpose in the student’s mind about their academic goals and professional choices. Facilitating and motivating the students to shortlist good, fit colleges, universities and institutions for higher studies in India and abroad. Following are some activities/sessions conducted by UPO this month: Read More

French Poetry Recitation Competition

French Poetry Recitation competition was held on 19 August 2021, to inculcate the love of poetry, learn about French poets and encourage the students to develop their Research and Communication skills. The theme was Independence/freedom/nation/ or any poem of their choice. Students were encouraged to participate and to be risk takers and try something new and challenging for them. Read More


In a nutshell, fashion defines the personality of a person. Remember, it's not about what you wear, but how you wear it. A simple dress can become an over night sensation if worn the right way or a costly attire can waste all efforts if not worn correctly. Fashion is more than just clothing’s. It helps you define yourself, your choices with your comfort. Set your own boundaries, the right elegant way or explore the bold sense of fashion just the right way. Re-invent yourself. Read More

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The Gurukulian
MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul | Newsletter | August 2021

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From Principal's Desk

Welcome to our second edition of Gurukul Newsletter. In this month various activities were conducted as a part of teaching and learning process, “learning by doing” was centered which engaged students and strengthen their conceptual understanding. Along with academics, students were facilitated and motivated to integrate service as an action and values, Bonding was the theme for the month of August which has benefited all the students to express their emotions. We are proud of our students, teachers and parents who collectively take part in this innovative process which is helping us to replace the traditional ‘imperative to memorise’ with a desire to understand, to apply concepts, to relate to global contexts, and to inquire, communicate and reflect, within the 5 years of the IB-MYP. Students of MYP participated in intra-school English Handwriting competition, the winners were awarded with e-certificates. We are glad that students are enthusiastic and participating actively in competitions and club activities which will help the students to develop holistically. By working together, we can make a real impact on the learning of each and every student.

Mr.Rohit Jain
MYP Principal

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