January 2024 Newsletter

Inset January 2024

The teachers of our school started this year by participating in different workshops to improve their skills.

Day one – teachers updated themselves through 4 workshops to learn/review how to use the software: Turnitin, Canva, and Microsoft Excel. The workshop on ‘Open AI’ focused on how to use AI to save time creating lessons while ensuring maximum student participation.

Then, teachers attended workshops on formative assessment and how to create Task Specific Clarification. We ended the day with a workshop led by visual art teachers to explore how to engage learners with visuals in the classroom and other school spaces.

Day two – the teachers explored different strategies for stress release, and the session on Dance therapy was the highlight.

The teachers continued with an engaging discussion about how to teach the Approaches to Learning skills and strategies for learning each skill. These two days were engaging in a busy and lively atmosphere.

By Ms. Tejashri Joshi

Write-up on creating IDU planners


In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, the importance of interdisciplinary learning has become more pronounced than ever, as it offers a transformative approach that transcends traditional subject silos, fostering a holistic understanding of complex real-world issues. To ensure the implementation of the same in our school curriculum, a session was conducted by Ms Shrishty Sehgal, our IDU coordinator on 5th January during the inset week. During the session on creating an Interdisciplinary Unit Planner, educators were immersed in a transformative experience aimed at breaking down traditional subject boundaries. Skillfully, the participants navigated through the principles and benefits of interdisciplinary teaching, encouraging dynamic discussions that drew on the collective experiences of the group. The focus then shifted to the practical aspects of designing an Interdisciplinary Unit Planner, with an emphasis on theme identification, learning objectives, resource integration, and assessment strategies. The session’s interactive approach left teachers inspired and equipped to implement interdisciplinary teaching, fostering a holistic and enriched learning environment for their students.

By Ms. Shrishty Sehgal

Report on – Integrating ATL skills in the classroom. Date: 6 th Jan, 2024

During the INSET session for facilitators, one of the agendas was to focus on implementing Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills in the classroom. Teachers engaged in group activities, working in teams of 3-5, to collaboratively brainstorm and create charts showcasing their strategies for integrating ATL skills effectively. The charts highlighted diverse approaches, ranging from fostering critical thinking to promoting effective communication and research skills. Teachers emphasized the importance of incorporating ATL skills across various subjects, ensuring a holistic development of students.

The collaborative nature of the activity allowed for the exchange of ideas and best practices among facilitators. The INSET session proved to be a valuable platform for all to share insights, enhancing their collective ability to create engaging and skill-focused learning environments.


Enhancing Assessment Practices in IBDP and IB MYP

Our recent INSET session, led by members of the IBDP and IB MYP exam committee, focused on refining assessment practices. Emphasizing the significance of Formative Assessments (FA), the session covered various types, frequency, and qualitative feedback. Teachers shared best practices, fostering collaboration, while the committee provided insights into aligning assessments with IB principles. The interactive session concluded with a call for educators to prepare subject-specific FAs, ensuring immediate application of principles. This strategic training enhances teaching methodologies and supports academic excellence for our students.

By Ms. Dhanashree Patil

Report on English Workshop

We recently had a beneficial English workshop with our English teachers! We explored the intricacies of writing our examination papers, including those we would face in our future board exams. They reduced it for us, from identifying our main point (the thesis) to supporting it with strong evidence. They even gave us some neat tricks to make our arguments irrevocably persuasive; so, we could intrigue the professors with them and score good marks.

This is why the workshop was so great we could ask any questions on anything that sounded unclear, no matter how small. People wondered about such things as properly structuring our response, planning our response, and good use of big words without sounding like a dictionary.

The teachers assisted in covering everything and making the entire process comfortable as a very supportive environment. Academic reports that once loomed like intimidating responses now felt manageable, even exciting.

This brings us much-needed confidence to tackle those academic reports.

By Aadi Kankariya DP 2

Language Acquisition

Hindi- B Class- XI oral activity traveling exhibition

In the presented oral activity, the students did research according to their understanding and after sitting with the group and discussing the presented topic, they created very beautiful and different types of tourism packages. In which they worked hard and used their artistic and creative talent well. | The objective of the presented oral activity was that the students should study through creative skills and move towards achieving the goal by overcoming their shortcomings.

हिंदी कक्षाग्यारहवींमौखिक गतिविधि  यात्रा प्रदर्शनी

प्रस्तुत मौखिक गतिविधि में विद्यार्थियों ने अपनी समझ के अनुसार अनुसंधान किया तथा

समूह के साथ बैठकर प्रस्तुत विषय पर चर्चा करने के पश्चात अत्यंत सुंदर और विभिन्न

प्रकार के पर्यटन पैकेजेस बनाए थे|जिसमें उन्होंने कड़ी मेहनत की तथा अपने कलात्मक व

रचनात्मक प्रतिभा का भलीभाँति प्रयोग किया| प्रस्तुत मौखिक गतिविधि का उद्देश्य यह था

कि विद्यार्थी रचनात्मक कौशल के माध्यम अध्ययन करें व अपनी कमियों को तराशकर

लक्ष्य की प्राप्ति की ओर अग्रसर हों|

Science festival

21st January 2024

I recently attended the India Science Festival in Pune with some other students from my school. I had a great time exploring the different stalls and attending the lectures. One of the lectures that stood out to me was about Startups in India. I found it really interesting and even had the chance to speak with the speakers and ask them some questions related to their field. This event really allowed me to think creatively and help me to develop my social, communication, and research skills. I had a lot of fun in this event and gained a lot of knowledge. by Kavish Bansal MYP 2

Personal project

The students of MIT Gurukul MYP-5 on the 25th January, presented their Personal Projects to their family, friends, fellow seniors and juniors.

This annual exhibition takes place to honour the students dedication to their Personal Projects in which they create a campaign/service/product to help themselves, the people around them and the rest of the world. The students prepared their work diligently for 6 months.

“This experience in itself had phases where we all were able to learn multiple skills, I don’t think I could have achieved so much in a span of 6 months.” added Angel Upadhyay of MYP-5 as she shared her views on the project.

With this commitment and consistency, they created an exhibition featuring trifolds that they worked on to show their work and finally present it to the world.

“As I walked down, I saw the sprawling and creative trifolds that everyone had made. The variety was amazing, the mix of ideas, colors, art and designs.” says Arnav Kathale of MYP-5

MIT Gurukul takes pride in this year’s creations, they are a unique step forward for our growing generation.