Parents Teachers Association

Parent-teacher association  has helped  to develop a successful partnership between parents and school community. Together we  enable our children grow up beautifully and joyfully! PTA is an important stakeholder at Vishwashanti Gurukul School.

Aim of PTA

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Vishwashanti Gurukul provides a suitable channel to the parents to contribute in the all-round development of the school and understand the systems and philosophy of IBO / CIE and the school. Support the school for next three years’ strategic plan implementation.

Objectives of PTA

  • Parents, Core Team members and Programme Coordinators together play an active and important role to meet the goals of Early Years, Primary Years, Middle Years, CIE, Diploma  Level programmes and  next three years strategic plan implementation  at Vishwashanti Gurukul
  • The PTA is the platform that helps with simple & efficient support in all practical school issues using cooperation between the school and the parents.
  •  PTA gives suggestions on behalf of parents ‘community for the betterment of school in all dimensions.
  •  PTA   is expected   to help in the working of the school by providing resources in different aspects.
  • PTA Meets online every month for more focused smooth functioning.
  • The Presence of PTA Members is essential for all the important functions of the school.

Functioning of PTA

  • Under the leadership of PTA Chairperson taking initiative for the students’ development.
  •  Be a volunteer in field trips and provide support for other resources.
  •  Contribute to the development of Language and life learning skills of the students.
  • Be a volunteer in organizing and supporting with extra-curricular activities, classroom engagements at various grade levels.