Residential Boarding Schools in India

Education is the lifeline of the country. It is the path through which young girls and boys achieve their full potential. The education system in India follows a system that focuses on maximizing knowledge and molding young minds to achieve their dream. With advancement in educational systems, residential boarding schools in India have gained popularity and are preferred by many parents who wish to have their child receive all round holistic education. Residential boarding schools have many advantages, apart from helping the child follow an active routine of curricular and extracurricular activities, children also learn to have discipline in their daily life. Children are trained in routine tasks that are also known as life skills. They learn to be independent and self-reliant while developing confidence and social skills in engaging with other children their age. Children also get a chance to make maximum use of their idle time for various sports activities available in the boarding schools. If you are looking for the best boarding schools in India with fees that suit your budget, MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul situated at an ideal location with well equipped facilities and comfortably furnished rooms will be a great choice for your child.

“Education breeds
Confidence breeds
. Hope breeds

- Confucius

From The Principal’s Desk

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is an institution that aims towards academic excellence while fostering the child to have an all round development. The staff are encouraged to help students realise their full potential while imparting life and educational lessons that will prepare them for the world. Our students are not only trained towards academic excellence but also trained in the field of physical fitness, psychological and spiritual health and social consciousness. Being one of the top residential schools in Mumbai, we give importance to making the students proud of their deep-rooted ethos and rich culture while imparting the lessons of Indian culture. In our teaching system we use modern methodologies following the International Baccalaureate Organization.

The staff and faculty of MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul are encouraged to start each day keeping our philosophy in mind, “On earth there is no purifier as knowledge , he who has attained purity of heart through a prolonged practice of karmayog; automatically sees the light of truth is the self in course of time.”

I strongly believe that children are the instruments of change and that their capabilities can be realized to their full potential through the world class education which we offer in our school. Not stopping at academic excellence, our students are taught to become active changemakers who are compassionate and lifelong learners.

Learning at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is a package of knowledge, lifeskills and opportunity.

Mr. Venu Gopal


Vishwashanti Gurukul

MIT Gurukul Leadership

The leadership at MIT Gurukul consists of renowned educationists with a passion for fostering a learning culture among children. The founder, Professor Vishwanath K Darad is known for his work in the field of human rights, spiritual advice and democracy while the principal Mr. Venu Gopal is a firm believer in teamwork, discipline and a never give up attitude.



MIT Gurukul has a state of the art campus with bright and spacious classrooms that imbibes a spirit of learning among the students. A well equipped library, laboratory and sports facilities make the campus an exciting place for the students.


If you are looking for residential boarding schools in India, MIT Gurukul will make a good choice. With tender care and smart grooming as the core motto, the team at the boarding facilities groom and care for the children to excel in their chosen fields. Spacious rooms with ample lighting and quiet study areas help the children focus on their books while making friends for a lifetime.


Ensuring comfort for your child, the transport facilities feature air conditioned buses with a trained attendant to look after the needs of the children. GPS tracking facilities help ensure safety.

Parent Community

MIT Gurukul encourages a thriving parent-teacher relationship. Parents are given regular updates on the progress of their child and their learning efficiency. Parent teacher associations facilitate frequent interactions for a well rounded communication.

School Clubs

A variety of school clubs helps seek and foster the talent of your young one. The student can choose a club of their interest and engage with other students of similar interest.

Extracurricular activities

Extra curricular activities such as visual arts, dance, music, film and photography make for a wide range of options for the children.

Why MIT Gurukul

Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Technology

  • Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Technology
  • In any field or subject including Math, Science or Social Sciences, the students are taught to work with modern technology as per the curriculum.
  • The classrooms are well equipped with the latest learning technology which aids the professors in making the lessons clear to the students.
  • Adapting to the latest technology in their learning process helps students gear up for their future learning and work environment.

Complex Understanding Of The World

What makes MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul different from traditional schools is how it helps students develop a complex understanding of the world. In traditional schools, students are often not trained to have a complex understanding of the world which makes them ill prepared to face the real world. Students in MIt Gurukul are given lessons on important topics to help them prepare for the future such as civic literacy, entrepreneurship, and work ethic. They are also taught practical skills such as photography, culinary arts, financial education and more.

Broad Exposure to Cultures

  • At MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, cultural diversity helps students broaden their exposure to different cultures and peoples.
  • The student body consists of people from various communities and countries.
  • This helps each student learn about new cultures and traditions across the country and across the world.

Well Rounded, Holistic Education

Acclaimed as one of the best IB board schools in Pune, MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul works on your child’s personal development while encouraging them to develop critical thinking abilities. The main aim of the school is to train the child to become a well-rounded, fully-developed individual who is empathetic towards the society. Students of all ages are encouraged to develop their own opinion and think out of the box while working on their aptitude-based problem-solving abilities. The students are further encouraged to have advanced thinking abilities and problem solving skills.

Eligibility Criteria And Admission Process

Admission is open to students aged 3 to 19 years as per the availability of seats. Age appropriate aptitude tests are conducted to understand the child’s basic skills. For more information please refer to this link - click here

Find out more about the admission process and enroll your child in MIT Gurukul for a bright future ahead!


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best boarding school in India

In terms of infrastructure, MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is one of India's best Residential Boarding Schools. The curriculum at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is based on the Guru Shishya Parampara, a model of learning that follows the traditional Indian tradition of the Guru and Shishya Parampara. The classrooms are spacious and well-equipped with modern technology. MIT also boasts an excellent library and computer labs. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul encourages the students to engage in Yoga, meditation and meditating.

What is the Difference Between Boarding & Day Boarding School?

A boarding school is usually a more private school, with fewer students than a day school. Boarding school operates on a strict timetable. Teachers are more likely to get to know students individually and focus on improving their skills. Students at a boarding school also receive proper guidance and support if they struggle academically. The school's faculty is on-site throughout the day to assist students with homework, tutoring, or other concerns. There is not much difference between the best day boarding and best boarding schools in India, with fees being almost similar.

What is the minimum age for enrolling in a boarding school in India?

While the minimum age for enrolling in one of the best boarding schools in India is eight years, you can always opt for a higher age. It is recommended that children should be between eight to thirteen years old to get enrolled in a boarding school. If you're looking for an experience that will enhance your child's life and help him become a more well-rounded person, boarding school is the way to go.