Uttarakhand – Excursion

Keeping in mind the overall development of the students, our school provided students a rejuvenating break from their hectic routines through excursions. The students of Grade: 4-9 went to Sursingdhar Camp for Adventure and Photography. The students were overjoyed at the thought of giving themselves a break for some adventure.

The young adventurer of MIT Gurukul headed on 27th January from School to Pune airport -Delhi – Dehradun –New Tehri –Sursingdhar Adventure Campsite. Students started off with full of excitement and enthusiasm and maintained it throughout the route to destination with an energetic team for Edterra Edventures. Student were given a comfortable stay in the Himalayan Eco Lodge which has a stunning views of Himalayan peaks including the India’s second largest peak , Nanda Devi and the emerald waters of Tehri Lake coupled with cool weather.

Our days began early in the morning either with rain or stunning sunrise from behind the peaks and sometimes with sudden shower of snowfall. The variation in weather conditions were challenging but despite of all these situations our young minds happily involved in the camp for Adventure and Photography.

Students were engaged in many outdoor activities like Hiking, Zip-lining, followed by survival sessions that included –shelter making and first aid at the camp site. Adventure Group also enjoyed Double-Trouble course, ladder-climb, Free-fall & Rappelling as a part of outdoor Adventure Package.

While the Younger adventurer camp was going ahead with Team building games, the photography camp for Seniors students from Grade-6-9 started with the Basics fundamentals of Photography, Rule of thirds, relationship between Aperture and Shutter, Seeing light, SFX, Macro photography. These sessions gave a series of interesting hand-on assignments that allowed students to develop their creative and technical photography skills.

The students developed wonderful ideas and memories and a passion to pursue photography in the future as a hobby or as a career option. The students had DJ night daily to showcase their dancing talent. It was a fruitful experience for children since learning was incorporated with fun and entertainment. They thoroughly enjoyed this day with their peer, returning each day to bed with wonderful memories and a rejuvenated spirit. The students relished the delicious meals every day. On the last day, students were awarded with special awards and participating certificates for their achievements in camp.

We are grateful to the Edterra Team mentor, Mr.Vibhav Goyal who guided the students in the entire journey and also thankful to the entire trained professional team along with him who arranged the events with proper planning and safety.

Overall, it was an outing that made the students confident, courageous and to a great extent assisted them to conquer their fears. They will always remember these day and will certainly nurture these experiences for their lifetime. It was indeed a wonderful days filled with fun and frolic for all.