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    Devansh Vithlani

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    Ishita Nair

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    Ajay Chug

    St. Norbert
    Wisconsin USA

    I began my journey in Vishwashanti Gurukul back in 2008 and I have seen it grow bigger and brighter with every passing year and alternatively it saw me grow too. I believe I am fortunate enough to be a part of this rapidly growing community, for which I cannot express my gratification enough. My journey here taught me to be prepared for this ever changing world we live in and also gave me a glimpse of the bigger picture.

    Vishwashanti Gurukul has been a very critical and a memorable path in my life, I still have a memory of the first day at school, I was afraid, excited but in time I only became confident about making the right choice. Personally between all the increasing number of achievements and milestones achieved by this community it was the optimistic environment of fulfilling my curiosity and the willingness of the staff to share knowledge that attracted me towards this community and always will. I also believe it was the learning and exploration phase of the journey that stimulated me to want to continue my journey alongside give me patience to wait for the final outcome.

    Besides academics, this school not only taught me the importance of various skills but also allowed me to develop and enhance the skills within me. The school not only gave me the opportunity to portray this qualities in my senior years but also started nourishing them in my junior years. It was due to this platform the school gave me I was able to look within me and discover the world I want to a part of, leading me to persuade a bachelor degree in International Studies in the United States.

    It was my journey in this school that shaped me from who I was to what I am meant to be, and to be honest I couldn't be what I am without the support of each and every member of the school community. All of them have supported me climb the ladder to success and even though it yet is not complete, it is the massive amount of belief and hope members of this community have shown towards me that keeps pushing me forward.

    At the end of the day when I look back at this experience I only wonder if I could feel it again, yet I am only left with the invaluable moments, massive knowledge alongside wisdom and importantly the memories to cherish for lifetime.
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    Mukul Sunil Sawant

    Mechanical Engineering
    Purdue University

    8 years of life were cherished in the auspicious and rich Vishwashanti Gurukul and it has given me all the required nourishment to grow and pursue my goals. The fascinating trajectory at Gurukul comprises of the best experience I could ask for, be it in terms of academic, social, professional or personal.
    The teachers going an extra mile to help the deserving students, my peers studying late night solving exam problems and the staff being flexible to accommodate our needs is exactly the ambiance a student needs to learn and develop. Moreover, a well-balanced life was the perfect encouragement to stay mentally and physically healthy. The abundant sports facilities always provided me opportunities to enjoy my time preparing for various sports’ meets and tournaments under the guidance of qualified coaches. However, the presence of diversity was not limited to the sports options.
    I got a platform to interact with manifold people from not only the various parts of India but from all over the world! This, in turn, tremendously helped me get comfortable in an international environment and stay open minded to accept other cultures, religions and even work systems. In addition, the network of connections formed in Gurukul are strong bonds and preserved lifelong. With the alumni growing more solid every year (and the resourceful school’s University counseling), inspiration and guidance about future career paths can be easily gained, exactly like what I did to select my university and major.
    My journey at Vishwashanti Gurukul was certainly memorable because I got the golden opportunities to discover my potential and interests while working on science projects, representing the school in athletics, being on the student council, socializing with friends… in essence, coming to Gurukul! It is assured to say that the school and the curriculum have left no stone unturned to provide me the best of the best. I confidently notice the positive changes brought in life and I will always be grateful to Vishwashanti Gurukul, its staff, and my friends.
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    Avani Ashtekar

    Kalamazoo College

    A long journey with several small steps…That is exactly how I would define my journey in Gurukul. As a 13-year-old, on the very first day of school, I was unaware of the multiple other journeys I would walk through and numerous lives I would touch. My journey in this school was much more than being solely academic, it seemed more like personal growth. All my classes, inside and outside the classroom, from teachers and friends made me a person I did not expect of becoming. In this completely immersive journey, the ones who stood with me from end to end are all my teachers.
    They made me understand that as people, we all do not grow absolutely in one direction and stunt in the other, it is a gradual process of learning and it takes time. I would describe studying IB in Gurukul as a prism and we the students as the ray of light, and what refracts out of a prism is the same ray of light shining in several colors.Through IBDP, it came to me that I was challenged and encouraged simultaneously. All the teachers excepted my unsullied and strong convictions and diluted them into views that made me conscious of my own thinking. May it be the TOK classes or the sports events on our field or even juggling between them both, all the teachings have helped me define my-self as a confident young adult.
    In a conversation with our principal, in very simple words he explained us “I don’t want you to make it big, I want you all to make it massive.” This statement has in true sense defines the environment in which we as students were nurtured…
    I did not realize that between deadlines and submissions we had come to an end of school journey… This magical expedition for me began in grade 9, and I cannot explain how it has changed my perception in ways, that there is no looking back.
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    Param Rabari

    Instituto Marangoni
    Milan, Italy

    If you want to inspire the world, you can´t be like the world", hello I am Param Rabari ex-student of Vishwashanti Gurukul where I completed my high school and the most important and turning years of my life. Honestly I can’t recognise the person I was when I entered Gurukul, I disown that person right now. I have grown from nothing to something today just because of my little but hard journey which started from Gurukul. I was in boarding and through 2 years I am so glad that destiny put me in hardships and because of that today I stand strong today and I am so proud and sure of myself. There is no easy way to life, struggle is needed, pain is needed, failure is needed only then will you grow as a person and most importantly find yourself. My experience in Gurukul was extraordinary in terms of everything which I am grateful for. More than anything I learned about social life, how to present myself made me 10 times more confident about myself and helped me accept myself the way I am. The journey will be incomplete without the unconditional support of my friends and teachers who were and are family to me. They didn't just teacht me from books but from all aspects and thank you is an understatement for them. Today all I can do is smile and cry to the memories I have and wish I could live those days again in a very different manner. Believing in myself lead me where I am today, I am studying in Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy which is one of the top fashion school in the world doing fashion styling course which is very unique, fun and practical and I am here stable because of my attitude towards it which wouldn't have come without my journey. Only very few people know how it feels when the people in high school once belittled you are now calling you and asking you how are you doing in life ( even though they know that you are living life ) . So I would like to tell everyone that please believe in yourself and be who you are and life is yours automatically.
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    Sanket Bansal

    B.Sc. in Economics and Finance
    from Indian School of Business and Finance

    I joined MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School to do my International Baccalaureate Programme and I can say with confidence that joining Vishwashanti Gurukul was one of the best decisions in my life.Vishwashanti Gurukul is the place which has made me the person I am today. Vishwashanti Gurukul prepares its students for the challenges that life may pose.Having one of the best infrastructural facilities along with an equally skilled faculty, Vishwashanti Gurukul not only taught me how to handle situations related to studies but also taught me the value of friendship. Being someone who barely had the nerve to talk to new people, the two years I spent at Gurukul School made me realize how each and everything can be dealt with. The friendly attitude of all the teachers and their willingness to help me whenever in need, made me feel a part of the Gurukul family. The environment is what helped me deal with the pressure of all the internal assessments and the examinations. The campus in itself made me fall in love with the place. To be focused and to be goal oriented is what I learnt from my time at Gurukul. It laid a good foundation for my career. I stepped in as one person and evolved into a better person. For all the hard work put in by the faculty for and with me, I cannot thank them enough.
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    Prapti Mallhi

    The University of British Columbia

    The aesthetic beauty, infrastructure, and facilities definitely had a major role in attracting me to Gurukul, but by the end of it, what really kept me going were the friends, faculty, and memories that I was making.

    My parents were very happy about the fact that I was joining an institution that valued culture, and had a great balance between academics and extracurricular activities. Honestly, there were just delighted that I’d submit my laptop at night and would be getting up at 5:30 am. On the 2nd of July 2015, I had my orientation. Our coordinator was briefing us about IB and I remember telling myself “It can’t be as difficult as they make it sound”. It was much worse. I’ve had my share of late submissions, sleepless nights and giving-up moments. Even today when I look back I wonder how I did all of it. Honestly, maximum credit goes to our teachers. I have never met such passionate teachers who push you to do your best only because they believe in you. The faculty at Gurukul is superlative. At the end, you have nothing but love and respect for the teachers you once feared and disliked. What I loved most about gurukul were the abundant opportunities provided to a child to grow. Academics, sports, social service, you name it and they’ve got something planned for you. Somewhere sitting in the middle of those four walls I learned how to achieve my dreams and goals.

    Like every roller coaster, this journey too had its highs and lows. But every bit of it has shaped me into the person I am today and has taught me a life long lesson. Gurukul gives you a platform and a chance for every wish of yours. It has definitely helped me grow as an individual. Who knew a can of string cheese, Monaco biscuits, and schezwan chutney can turn into one of the tastiest mid night snacks?

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    Ipshita Pal

    BA (Hons.) Design Communication at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

    When I was deciding what to pursue after my grade 10, the thought of pursuing education in an International board crossed my mind multiple times, so much so that I decided that it was the right fit for me. I needed to be sure, however, that this is what I wanted to move forward with, given the fact that studying abroad for undergraduate studies had been my priority for a very long time. I spoke to multiple institutions, schools as well as junior colleges, but was not quite convinced of the benefits of pursuing my studies in an international board, IB Diploma in particular, till I had the pleasure of conversing with the marvellous faculty of MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul. Marvellous is not a word used lightly, for the two years I did spend in this institution were spent under the guidance of a teaching faculty with far too much knowledge, understanding and reasoning capacity than I’d hoped.

    The faculty convinced me that IBDP was the way forward and I have never looked back ever since. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul was also my choice because of it’s beautiful campus, excellent sports and recreational facilities, it’s facilities for the arts and good food. I say good food, because hostel food is not, in most cases, edible, as per my experiences with hostel food goes, which I assure you is on good authority. What I have also noticed is the fact that each and every member of Gurukul is a part of a very big and close knit family, where everyone looks after one another and treats everyone with utmost respect.

    The faculty is extremely dedicated and always readily available. For those living in the boarding facilities, the hostel is clean and hygienic, the rooms are spacious, and the wardens are caring and diligent. When it comes to extracurriculars, everyone participates and all the events are handled with enthusiasm. There are healthy competitions between houses and schools, a fully functional student council and a very active support system in the form of peers, teachers and additional staff. It’s is never boring in Gurukul. My experience was wonderful in this school, which I call my second home, and the journey and experiences have helped me shape who I am as a person and have helped me attain clarity and grow as an individual.

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    Kriti Mehra

    Western University

    My experience with MIT Gurukul was one of a kind- I joined Gurukul in the second year of IBDP with a plethora of pending assignments to complete. Moreover, it was my first time living away from home in a hostel, and I was rather anxious about my social interactions and academics.I was twice my vulnerable academically as compared to all of my other classmates. However, I met different types of people who taught me a lot of things that has honed me in a multitude of ways. Academically, the teachers were extremely supportive of my wild and not always wondrous ideas and how could incorporate them in my Internal Assessments to culminate a report that reflected my personality but helped me achieve fine marks. Be it constructive debates, rigid training of our course for good grades or out-of-syllabus discussions- most subject teachers offered more than what typical classroom walls do!

    The hostel and boarding staff was also very kind and that led me to fit in comfortably. When I felt like I was facing certain challenges with some people, I had the most supportive of friends to uplift me while sharing their experiences with me so that we could learn from each other. The amount of emotional support that I gained from people at Gurukul was tremendous, thereby carving me to be a better person with stronger convictions and greater self-confidence especially in terms of academics. The English Higher Level lectures were undoubtedly the most enlightening classes, as they seldom lacked food for thought or contemplative discussions about a wide array of various topics through art and literature. The Literature department was a consistent reminder to me about the abundance of knowledge and experience that I’m yet to acquire by offering me a profound world-view through the pages of a novel.

    I always knew that I wanted to pursue Literature, however, Gurukul’s wisely chosen curriculum and open-mindedness provided me with greater confidence and faith in myself to do justice to World Literature while studying it. Therefore, I am now seeking an Honours Specialisation degree in English Language, Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Western Ontario, Canada and am grateful to Gurukul for bracing me well for my forthcoming course. Pardon the cliché, but Gurukul was indeed a roller-coaster ride for me and I will never possibly forget the lessons- good, bad and everything in between- that I learned there!

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    Falaknuma palace

    It was the day of august 2006 when for the first time I had entered a boarding school feeling lonely and empty lost in a new world. Maybe just in my fifth grade I got to explore a new revolution of life and it was called " being a gurukulian"
    Being one of the most notorious kids in the batch the school had been extremely supportive in moulding me with the tool of patience. Maybe that's why I lasted for 8 years in school!

    I remember picking the best footballer award to the rolling trophy to being a role model for my juniors.
    I guess wherever I stand today is maybe because of my confidence and trust in myself which was given birth by my then mentor Mr Sachin Sachdeva
    I guess my journey has been indeed a very long one right through the PYP, MYP and IBDP. Finally leaving the dorme in 2014 June was a tough time but good times always have an end. I carried a lot of learning’s took with me memories and also some values. At times words tend to fall short then emotions and those untold words are the ones that make the difference.

    I have completed my bachelors in catering technology and culinary arts from the CULINARY ACADEMY OF INDIA ( HYD)

    I have won several national awards in the last few years in my field
    ( gold medal in Christ university is one of the feathers to the folk. )

    Currently I'm working with the TAJ group of hotels. I'm posted in Taj Falaknuma palace hyderabad.
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    Atharva Karandikar

    Christ University

    When I first came to Gurukul, I thought it would be tough, not Taare Zameen Par kind of tough, but it would definitely require getting used to. And I wasn’t wrong, waking up at 5:30 for morning jogs to finding no rest till 6:30 in the evening (and sometimes even longer), weekdays in Gurukul were gruelling. But weekends were equally fun, with time spent at the sports centre or just lazing around or by going for outings, there was always something to do.

    I will be honest with you; our teachers were absolute task-masters. Looking back, I think they had to be, considering how difficult IB is, but that sure didn’t stop any of us from hating them for the amount of work that we had to do, the meticulousness that was expected of us in our IAs and Extended Essays and the sheer amount of assignments that we had to complete. It drove us up the wall. But in all honesty, we weren’t without our fair share of trouble too. I have personally been through a lot in this school, been on the receiving end of a teacher’s anger too many times to count, but I can say that through all that, I’ve always learned something and it has helped me become the person I am today. Though I’ve never been in trouble alone, I’ve made life-long friends here who’ve stood by my side through thick and thin. I’ve realized that somewhere over the course of 2 years, these teachers, whom we looked at with fear and cautious respect, became our friends and guides.

    Life at Gurukul isn’t easy, no. But you can be sure that it will help you grow in ways you cannot imagine. It’ll help you find the best in yourself and equip you with the tools to succeed in the future. Life here isn’t easy, but in the midst of cribbing about the food, the teachers and IB, you’ll realize that you’ve found a home.

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