An International School in Maharashtra Focusing on the All-Round Development of Its Students
Posted On: 03 August 2018

It is goes without saying that parents are children's first teacher. For the first few years, parents provide their child wise and loving guidance to make them feel safer. And, as responsible parents, whatever you can afford, you do for your child, be it nurturing or schooling. Developing a child into an all-round individual is complex process that requires a lot of effort from both parents and school. It is said that the impact of school is much more

Boarding Schools, Myths & Truths
Posted On: 09 September 2018

A student who embark on a journey of his/her boarding life learns many productive morals such as giving, sharing, helping and caring. Further, boarding life instills a sense of self-respect, self-reliance and positive self-esteem in the children that helps them recognize their potential and talent. A good boarding school encourages students’ to become independent, making them capable enough to mark a niche for himself /herself in days to come. Moreover, a boarding school must have a homely and nurturing environment, where students feel like they are in their foster family and learn the values of everlasting friendships. more