Child Safety and Security

Child Protection

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul has a policy of zero tolerance to ragging and violence in place. Any form of bullying, ragging, and physical violence is unacceptable in our system and will be dealt with with the utmost urgency. This ensures that the school takes its duty of care seriously, and most importantly, specifies stakeholder’s responsibilities and their role in the protection of the students.

Child Safety

Child protection and safety is a broad term that encompasses policies, guidelines, standards, and procedures to protect children from both intentional and unintentional harm. Thus, at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, we believe in being meticulous and well organized in framing the backbone of our functioning – our policies. The Child Protection and safety policy along with the Special Educational Needs, the policy are set in place to ensure protection and support for students – emotionally, mentally, physically, and academically. These policies help strengthen the school’s system of functioning as it entails details of rights, duties, and responsibility imposed upon all stakeholders involved. Schools being the foundation and building blocks of children’s formative years, it is important to safeguard their interests, their values, their belief, and their sense of safety.