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“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.”-Dan Gable. Our young Gurukulians proved this quote true by showing their sportsmanship on 8th of February 2020. The Sports-day started with the Principal’s address where the Principal, Mr Venu Gopal spoke about the importance of sports and the attitude required for being a good sportsman which was followed by the lightening of the lamp by the coordinators and the principals.

This marked the starting of the day after which the students of all the four houses, Vayu, Agni, Jal and Prithvi, marched smartly showcasing their valour. After the march-past, the students of all the grades performed various drills where they demonstrated their fitness levels. The students of PYP did ball exercise, umbrella exercise and some free hand exercises. It was a delight to see the young Gurukulians perform with energy and dedication. While the students of MYP did aerobics to build the fitness mood of the audience, the seniors, grade 11 students, left us all mesmerised with various exercises with the gym equipment.

These drills were followed by the track events in which Vayu house took the lead in the sports tournament followed by Jal, Agni and Prithvi respectively.

Seeing the students with so much energy and passion towards fitness, the parents also couldn’t stop themselves and were engaged in a tug-of-war with the teachers. In tug-of-war for women, our teachers bagged the medals while in tug-of-war for men, the parents won.

Final Point Talley for Sports Day (Secondary School)

First Position Vayu House 486 Points
Second Position Jal House 482 Points
Third Position Prithvi House 425 Points
Fourth Position Agni House 371 Points

Final Point Talley for Sports Day (Primary School)

First Position Agni House 94 Points
Second Position Jal House 62 Points
Third Position Prithvi House 48 Points
Fourth Position Vayu House 39 Points

65th National School Games

Achievement of Gurukul Students in 65th National School Games 2019-20

Girls Participants List

Sr.No Name of the Student Grade Event Category
1 Zara Poria 9 Football Under-17 Girls
2 Malavika Nair 11 Basketball Under-19 Girls
3 Saba Dange 9 Archery Under-17 Girls
4 Jheel Kumar 9 Archery Under-17 Girls
5 Nandita Rajkumar 9 Archery Under-17 Girls
6 Naina Fernandes 7 Athletics Under-14 Girls
7 Prerana Ghuge 9 Athletics Under-17 Girls
8 Sargam Chaturvedi 11 Athletics Under-17 Girls
9 Prisha Agrawal 11 Athletics Under-17 Girls
10 Samarah Johar 11 Athletics Under-17 Girls
11 Lavina Aswani 12 Athletics Under-19 Girls
12 Anushweta M 12 Athletics Under-19 Girls
13 Maitreya Parwekar 11 Athletics Under-19 Girls
14 Shruti Kumar 11 Athletics Under-19 Girls
15 Anshika Deepak Aggarwal 12 Archery Under-19 Girls
16 Jahanvi Amit Agrawal 12 Archery Under-19 Girls
17 Ishita Bansal 11 Archery Under-19 Girls
18 Harshi Dharmendra 10 Volleyball Under-19 Girls
19 Aahana Agarwal 12 Volleyball Under-19 Girls
20 Prisha Manish Agrawal 11 Volleyball Under-19 Girls
21 Uditee Gautamkumar Selarka 10 Volleyball Under-19 Girls
22 Aliyana Aziz Hirani 10 Volleyball Under-19 Girls
23 Kavya Rajeev Jagad 10 Volleyball Under-19 Girls

Boys Participants List

Sr.No Name of the Student Grade Event Category
1 Vikrant Warrier 8 Football Under-14 Boys
2 Jhenil Parmar 12 Volleyball Under-19 Boys
3 Yash Garg 12 Volleyball Under-19 Boys
4 Dhruv Dholakiya 12 Volleyball Under-19 Boys
5 Ruchit Khunt 12 Volleyball Under-19 Boys
6 Niraj Pansuriya 12 Volleyball Under-19 Boys
7 Tushar Bansal 11 Volleyball Under-19 Boys
8 Atharv Kashiba 11 Volleyball Under-19 Boys
9 Bhavya Ukani 10 Volleyball Under-19 Boys
10 Atharv Bhosale 11 Basketball Under-17 Boys
11 Ankur Sagale 10 Archery Under-17 Boys
12 Shivrak Kokate 11 Basketball Under-19 Boys
13 Varun Salvi 12 Basketball Under-19 Boys
14 Yash Motewar 12 Football Under-19 Boys
15 Dhyey Sojitra 12 Football Under-19 Boys
16 Adityaraj Amale 11 Football Under-19 Boys
17 Vedant Magar 11 Athletics Under-17 Boys
18 Smit Dholakiya 9 Volleyball Under-17 Boys
19 Manthan Parwadiya 9 Volleyball Under-17 Boys
20 Neel Jaiswal 10 Volleyball Under-17 Boys
21 Nirmal Jagodana 11 Volleyball Under-17 Boys
22 Pinac Pate 12 Athletics Under-19 Boys
23 Ekam Juneja 12 Athletics Under-19 Boys
24 Devraj Tambe 12 Athletics Under-19 Boys
25 Ekam Juneja 12 Badminton Under-19 Boys
26 Samarth Rochwani 11 Badminton Under-19 Boys
27 Veer A Sitapara 11 Archery Under-19 Boys
28 Lav Mohan Mittal 11 Archery Under-19 Boys
29 Aadi Agrawal 11 Archery Under-19 Boys
30 Shrirang Shrikant Kulkarni 12 Archery Under-19 Boys
31 Ganesh Pathak 12 Cricket Under-19 Boys

Simple And Useful Exercises

Simple and useful exercises related to back and neck, which can ease the stress & tension caused during the current pandemic situation that has tremendously increased the use of Laptop/Desktop/Mobile Phones by our Our Physical & Health Education Department.

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