Primary And Preschools In Pune

MIT Gurukul, a top-most pre-school in Pune, provides the best pre-schooling experience to the kids while understanding the fundamental intricacies of the child's brain. During the first six years of a kid's life, they undergo various changes. Our schooling approach helps the child to embark on the journey of a persisting learning experience. In addition, it can help your child go through social development due to a solid academic foundation.

One of the best pre primary education in India, MIT Gurukul’s advanced preschool helps to instill creative thinking within the child that allows them to be an independent learner. Along with excellent communication skills, the curriculum helps your child to embrace different learning techniques. With all these you can expect them to succeed in tomorrow's world.

MIT Gurukul Advanced Preschool Curriculum And Subjects Offered

The pre-schooling curriculum is based on social and experiential learning that can help your child learn various activities while having fun. Such activities help to promote literary, social and logical skills. Once your kid gets exposed to the curriculum, they can grow into confident and independent individuals. Our school also prepares your child beyond the pre-schooling needs.

The curriculum helps your child by:

  • Providing age-appropriate and developmental activities.
  • Providing learning areas that can develop bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, interpersonal, logical and naturalistic skills.
  • Identifying the learning and developmental needs of your child.
  • Introducing block zones, outdoor zones, and even nature zones would help your child prepare for their life outside preparatory school.

Admission Criteria/ Age Criteria

For early year programs, we maintain a teacher-student ratio of 1:18, where all the students get equal attention and care.

  • For the nursery section, students aged between 3 years to 4 years can take admission.
  • For the prep 1 section, students aged between 4 years to 5 years can take admission.
  • Students between the age of 5 years and 6 years can take admission in the prep 2 section.

For taking admission in this reputed residential school in Pune, you need to go through the pre-admission procedure, where you must interact with the school admission office. As soon as you submit an enquiry form along with academic report cards (if any) and birth certificate, you can fix the meeting with the principal or coordinator. After admission is granted, the shortlisted students must confirm admission within a stipulated period. In case of non-communication, the authority can transfer the seat to some other kids.

One can only confirm the admission by depositing the fees along with a document that the school asks for. After that, you can avail the option of an installment as well.

Creating Nextgen Leaders
By Playful Learning

We very well understand that the kids happen to be the change-makers of society. By keeping this in mind, our school happens to inculcate various playful attributes to our kids while preparing themselves for the future. It can eliminate the mundane education that children fear. In addition to that, the child would be inquisitive to indulge in the education without making any fuss. These activities include edible sand fun, DIY tasks, alphabet knockdown, colour sorting and many more. With the help of these activities, children can develop their motor and sensory skills in the most intriguing way. All these make MIT Gurukul come under the radar of the best primary schools in Pune.

Why MIT Gurukul Is The Right Choice For Your Child's Preschool Education

Undoubtedly pre-schooling happens to be one of the important segments of a child's life. At MIT Gurukul, your child would achieve overall development in the area of learning social and emotional skills. You can choose MIT Gurukul, one of the top IB syllabus schools for your child's pre-school education without any second thought due to the following reasons.

Our school imparts both social and academic foundations that can help the child be curious and observant at a young age. Age-based activities, tasks, problem-solving situations or even games can make the children acquire the necessary skills.

The children can take up the opportunity to be in structured settings where they learn about how to take up instructions and respond to any situation.

Due to our inclusion of pre-math and pre-literacy skills, children can get ready for the next step of their life: elementary schooling.

Children achieve a sense of self-exploration.

Due to the great activities, the children get the chance to explain their point of view, which helps to build up the confidence level while generating a caring nature towards others.

Most importantly, the children learn alphabets and numbers through different fun techniques that make learning an interesting experience.

MIT Measures Against
Covid-19 - Safe Learning

Due to the covid-19 complications, there has been greater appreciation and awareness of providing high-quality early childhood education. MIT Gurukul stands as one of the best nursery schools in Pune that complies with the safe learning propaganda during the covid-19 situation. We help our kids to evolve every day, both emotionally and cognitively. Due to our policies and curriculum, the child exhibits a positive attitude in every phase of their life. We happen to shape the life of the kids while maintaining safe and hygienic standards.

What Parents Talk About Our Pre-school

"I am very much impressed with the entire school environment for my child. From infrastructure to faculty, everything is just as I wanted for my daughter. It is a popular school that has been imparting quality education for quite some times now. I was recommended about this school from one of my cousin and still now I am very happy with the way my child is progressing and learning. "

"I wanted a modern pre-school for my son as soon as I relocated in Pune. And I am glad that I stumbled upon MIT. They have excellent faculty and beautiful campus. Teachers take utmost care of the kids and I can rely upon this school without any doubt."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age group for preschool?

The right age to enrol your child in a preschool in Pune is between 3 to 4 years. MIT Gurukul is one of the best preschools in Pune, offering the best pre-schooling experience to the kids ensuring fruitful social development and a robust academic foundation.

How does MIT Gurukul ensure a safe preschool environment?

If you are looking for a preschool in Pune, MIT Gurukul is just the right place for you. Being one of the best pre-schools in Pune, MIT ensures students' emotional and cognitive well-being via safe learning propaganda. MIT obliges with safe and hygienic standards while imparting a positive attitude in every learning and growth phase of the child.

How do I make my child feel safe, secure and supported in childcare?

Most primary schools in Pune take care of the academic aspect of child development. However, the first step is to create a home away from home for the children to feel safe and secure; only then the learning can begin. MIT Gurukul understands this and has policies to invoke curiosity in children. This preschool in Pune ensures to keep mind over the matter as their priority.

How does MIT offer a safe, secure, and supported preschool environment?

Running nursery schools in Pune is not an easy task; MIT, however, manages it with a flair. This preschool in Pune offers a social and academic foundation in well-structured settings to ensure the safety and security of children. With self-exploration, the children learn the basics of education and developmental activities. It is a fun learning experience with proper protocols to ensure a holistic learning curve for children.