Best Residential Schools in Mumbai

When choosing a school, quality is the number one factor. High-quality institutions have a higher fee structure, but they also offer excellent educational programs. If you are unsure of what you are looking for in a residential school, consider asking your friends or relatives for recommendations. Often, referrals can give you an idea of a particular school's quality. It's important to choose the right school for your child, though, because the experience you will provide your child will determine their success in life.

If you're looking for a coeducational, residential school in Mumbai, you can't go wrong with the MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul. This world-class school was founded in 2006 and is affiliated with the IB (International Baccalaureate) University of Cambridge International Examinations – United Kingdom. The focus here is on developing well-rounded, responsible students. The campus is large and spacious, and students enjoy boarding facilities with a motto of 'A HOME AWAY FROM HOME'.

“An Investment
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From The Principal’s Desk

The MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is a premier boarding school of MIT Pune, India. We are dedicated to imparting quality education to our students while retaining our unique Indian heritage. Our renowned MIT Institute follows the tradition of Guru Shishya Parampara and has created a holistic learning environment for its scholars. Besides, the institution provides a healthy and well-balanced diet, a strong teacher-student relationship and numerous boarding facilities. It is a reputed international partnering school in Maharashtra.

The MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is an acclaimed private, coeducational institute in Pune, which offers various courses in engineering, computer science, arts and sciences. Our institute is located on 35 acres of lush greenery and has a thriving campus. Our campuses are located in Rajbaug and Hadapsar and feature beautiful gurukul-style architecture. We also have separate boarding houses for girls, a playground, and an on-campus medical facility.

The MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is an international residential school in Pune, Maharashtra, with a world-class education curriculum and value-based learning model. Our institute aims to prepare students with the skills and traits to face global challenges. We encourage students' creative expression and social interaction, which contributes to harmonious, holistic development. This is what makes the MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul so special.

Mr. Venu Gopal


Vishwashanti Gurukul

MIT Gurukul Leadership

The MIT Gurukul has a rich and unique history. Established in 2006, the school offers a coeducational curriculum and follows the International Baccalaureate program. The institute is equipped with modern facilities, such as computer labs and smartboards. Parents can fill out an enquiry form online to enrol their children. The school has received several awards and accolades over the years. It emphasizes teamwork and discipline, which are key to future success. The institute offers a number of programs for students, and the staff is highly qualified.

The MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is a coeducational day school affiliated with the IB. The institute has consistently been rated one of the best schools in Maharashtra and has a stellar reputation. Founded by Prof.Vishwanath D. Karad, MIT-VGS is a top school that has a prestigious reputation for developing leaders.



The Campus of MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Pune imparts an interdisciplinary, resource-based curriculum for the betterment of scholars from across the country. Students are nurtured to become future global citizens and are taught ethical values and life skills by highly qualified teachers. The school follows a rigid timetable and is equipped with CCTV cameras and hostel wardens.


The hostel is like an extended family for residential students, and House Parents are responsible for the overall development of their children. They will help their children with their academic and personal needs, as well as with their spiritual growth. House parents believe in the motto of 'A HOME AWAY FROM HOME' and they try to give the best to every child residing at our boarding facilities. We make sure all their needs are met, along with imparting morals, values, ethics and virtues in them.


MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Pune offers school transport for students in the neighbourhood. The transportation vehicles are fully air-conditioned and are equipped with GPS tracking devices. There is also a trained attendant on every transport bus to keep a check on the well being of the students.

Parent Community

The PTA at the schools believes in opening suitable channels for the students that will help them develop and grow into strong characters. A lot of programmes have been introduced by the school to garner the active involvement of parents in fostering the children's development.

School Clubs

The school clubs are modelled to foster discipline and a sense of team spirit while nurturing the individuality of each child. We offer many extracurricular activities, such as speech and debate competitions, that allow students to develop their skills and personalities. A few of the clubs are the dance club, The Fashion Club, The Bookworm's Bureau, STEM club and more.

Extracurricular activities

If you are searching for the top residential school in Mumbai you should check out the MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul campus in Pune. Our school is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and ultra-modern facilities. We aim at inculcating value-based education in children in the form of extracurricular activities with the use of advanced tools and technologies. The activities include dance, film & photography, music, visual arts, sports, community service, etc.

Why MIT Gurukul as your Residential School

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is one of the finest residential schools in India. It has a boarding house that resembles a home away from home. It is affiliated with Cambridge International Education and the International Baccalaureate. The teaching methodology that we follow is holistic and encourages creativity. The curriculum is challenging, and the learning environment is stimulating. The Gurukul is an authorized IB World School and follows the PYP, MYP and Diploma Programmes. Most teachers are former examiners. Its holistic educational approach fosters the development of students in academic excellence, community service, and leadership.

Students of the school have been awarded various academic achievements including 35 international awards, 125 national awards, 5 state awards, 44 highest diploma points, 2 Math world toppers and 300+ inter school awards.

MIT has received rewards and recognition from all across the world and also within the country. With 14 years of academic excellence, MIT has two math world toppers, along with 35 international awards. It also boasts 125 national and five state awards, including more than 300 interschool awards under its wings.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

The application process for MIT Gurukul Vishwashanti is simple. All prospective students must submit a non-refundable application fee and a copy of their birth certificate along with their academic report cards. Once the application has been reviewed, the Admission Committee will invite parents to visit the campus and interview. The decision will be final, and parents should be prepared for a long wait. They will be invited to an interview if they meet the criteria. From grade 6, the students must appear for an online assessment test for English and Mathematics.

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MIT Gurukul believes in imparting quality education and inculcates the values of their country. The institute is known for producing globally-minded citizens. The institute has a 100% success rate in getting students accepted into prestigious universities in India and abroad. It is one of the most selective schools in India, so if you're looking for the top Schools in Mumbai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best boarding school in India?

The top boarding school in India is MIT Gurukul. It is also one of best IB board schools in Pune. It provides kids with cutting-edge boarding facilities, including excellent medical, food, and hygiene care and skilled mentors and caregivers. This dedicated team is responsible for imparting knowledge and value systems to them.

Which are the best schools in India for overall development?

MIT Gurukul is one of the best residential schools in Mumbai that focuses on the students' overall development. The school believes in imbibing the Indian value system and the contemporary IB curriculum in students to receive modern education without losing touch with their roots. Academics, sports, ethics and moral values everything get the same weightage.

What are the best IB schools in Pune or Mumbai?

MIT Gurukul, without a doubt, is one of the best IB schools in Mumbai. The school boasts of a world-class IB curriculum and maintains the Guru-Shiksha parampara. It is a perfect blend of traditional value-based education in conversation with contemporary utopian society.