Best Games For Learning English?

English is one such subject that can be included in activities while teaching. Teachers across the globe have used activities and games while engaging their students to enhance their skills in English. The teachers at MIT Gurukul are some of the best educators who use their collective minds to churn activities to help engage their students’ interest in this interesting subject. Apart from the best ICSE Schools in Pune and CBSE Schools in Pune, MIT Gurukul implements various activities while teaching our students various concepts in English. A few games to learn English are – 

Board Race

 This is one of the most common games teachers conduct to increase their students’ English vocabulary knowledge. This simple game is easy to play and helps develop teamwork and critical thinking. Board race requires a minimum of two participants. 

To play this game, the participants must recall the words that were unique or new at the time of the previous class and jot them. The participant with the most words within the stipulated time wins the game! 


 Pictionary is another simple yet interesting game that can help students use their creative skills to remember and use the many words in the English language. This simple game can be played with as many members as possible and puts to test our creative and perception skills. The classroom can be divided into two teams, and the teacher can ask one student from any team to pick a chit with a word. The student must then draw the word on the board, and his teammates can guess the word to gain points! The winner can then pick another student from the opposing team, and the game can continue for as long as possible!

Pictionary is an entertaining game that can engage the whole class and build a sense of competition and teamwork while significantly improving the students’ vocabulary! 

Mind Game

 Mind Game is an extremely fun activity and can be played by the entire classroom with ease. This game helps students improve their context and comprehension skills as it involves enacting a word. 

The class can be divided into two teams, and one team can choose one person from the opposing team to hold a word written on a piece of paper that only their teammate can see, not the participant. The team must enact the word they see on the paper, and the person holding it should guess it! Mind Game is an enjoyable activity that involves many factors like context, vocabulary, and presentation, making it the perfect group game for learning new words during an English class.


Charades is again one of the oldest and best games to learn English. Charades help expand your vocabulary greatly and are fun to play in groups. While playing this fun game, students can enact verbs and explore their knowledge of the cinema industry, which also plays a vital role in enhancing the students’ English speaking and writing skills. 

To play this game, the class can be split into two teams; one team can give one person from the opposing team a word or a phrase that should be enacted by that person and guessed by their team. 

Word Jumble Race

 Word Jumble Race is a highly competitive, time-bound game that can be great for developing teamwork skills apart from improving sentence building.

The teachers can write a sentence on a piece of paper and cut the paper into pieces, breaking the sentence into various parts. The students should then put the pieces of the sentence together. To make the game more interesting, the teacher can make 3 to 4 sentences for each team and jumble all the pieces. The team with the most right sentences wins at the end of the stipulated time! 


 Hangman is an innovative game that has existed for a long time. The game is simple and helps us expand our knowledge of the English words. The teacher can write a word with blanks in between to make it look like fill-in-the-blanks. The students should then guess the missing alphabet to complete the sentence. Every time the students guess the wrong alphabet, a part of the hangman is drawn. The students should complete the word before the hangman figure is completed.

The Mime

To play this game, the teacher should make two teams and have a bunch of words, preferably action words, written on small pieces of paper. One member from each should pick a chit from the pile of words and enact the verb. The first team to guess the word wins the game. This is a fun activity and helps correlate words to actions!

The Yes / No Game

The exciting game helps students use the many words they have learnt and arrive at a logical conclusion upon questioning their teacher with words related to the answer. 

To start this fun game, the teacher thinks of a word and keeps it to themselves; the students then ask the teacher several questions, to which the teacher only answers with a yes or no. Upon gathering information, the students should guess the word the teacher is thinking! This game is one fun way for the teachers to participate with their students and make learning English more fun! 

MIT Gurukul has tried and tested many fun activities and games over the years, and our experienced teachers ensure that there is never a dull moment in the classroom, making the entire learning experience fun. We hope this article has given you an idea of how to implement games to teach English, making your classroom a haven for fun yet learning activities! 



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