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Our school was represented by a group of talented and dedicated swimmers across different grades:  

- MYP 1: Sparsh Mishra 

- MYP 2: Aarush Bhatt

- MYP 4: Htet Kaung

- MYP 5: Riya Patel

- DP 1: Sasha Patel, Naina Fernandes, Letoya Rowland, Latoya Rowland

- DP 2: Toyodhi Bhattacharya

Events and Accomplishments:

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School students competed in a wide range of events, showcasing their skills and determination:

- 100m freestyle (under 14 and 17)

- 50m breaststroke (under 17 and 19)

- 100m breaststroke (under 19)

- 200m breaststroke (under 17 and 19)

- Under 19 relay freestyle 4x100m

Total Medals:

Our school's outstanding performance earned us medals. Here is a list of the medals earned, along with their names and events:

- 50m breaststroke (under 19): Toyodhi Bhattacharya – gold, Sasha Patel – bronze

- 100m breaststroke (under 19): Toyodhi Bhattacharya – gold

- 200m breaststroke (under 19): Toyodhi Bhattacharya – gold

- Under 19 relay freestyle 4x100m: Bronze


MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, sincere congratulations to all participants and dedicated swimmers who have put in their hard work and practiced consistently. We are grateful for their efforts and dedication in bringing awards to our school.

The first challenge was acclimatizing to the high-altitude weather, but we managed to get a good five-hour rest. In the evening, we explored the local market and got the opportunity to shop.

The highlight of the day was a treat to a spectacular display of Ladakh's rich cultural festival program. We were awestruck and enjoyed the mesmerizing musical performances. It was a wonderful start to our Ladakh adventure.

We returned to the hotel, had a sumptuous dinner, and were glad that Day 1 ended well.

Day 2 : Domestic excursion - Ladakh

On day 2, students had the incredible opportunity to visit the Hall of Fame of the Indian Army. Here, they learned about the historic battles that have been fought on the rugged terrain of Ladakh and the extraordinary valour displayed by our soldiers, some of whom were awarded the prestigious Param Vir Chakra and Mahavir Chakra medals.

After the enlightening visit, students returned to the hotel for a delicious lunch. Then, embarked on another adventure to the old royal palace (UNESCO heritage site) the Thiksay Monastery, situated atop a picturesque hill. The view from the monastery was simply breathtaking, and on our way down, we enjoyed a short but invigorating hike.

To cap off an already amazing day, we attended a spectacular laser and light show back at the Hall of Fame, which provided the students with a vivid and patriotic glimpse into the history and bravery of Indian armed forces.

Day 3: Domestic excursion - Ladakh

The day commenced with the spread of a sumptuous breakfast thereafter, the students boarded the bus to visit the SECMOL School to gain knowledge and learn about creative management, and innovative discoveries. At the school, our students got an opportunity to interact with the students of SECMOL and get firsthand information on their daily routine, which is a simple yet a highly sustainable way of living. The students got to learn about compost-based washrooms, greenhouses, innovative grain storage, vegetable cellars, and many other things.

After this the students visited the in-school vegetable garden. This truly makes SECMOL a sustainable school.

After hearing about the education system and curriculum at SECMOL, it seemed very ethically right. Our students learned this through interacting with the students from the SECMOL School by asking them about their hobbies, and daily routines. The students enjoyed a cup of hot tea served on the rooftop of one of the buildings and bid goodbyes to their new friends.

The students enjoyed the traditional Ladakhi delicacy called Thukpa and momos for lunch.

After that, the students visited Magnetic Hill, where they had a great opportunity to ride ATVs and experience speed and independence. After this, they boarded the bus to see the confluence of the Indus-Zanskar rivers to click pictures and learn more about Ladakh's geography.

After which the students left for the Shanti stupa where walking clockwise around the Buddha temple was an experience of its kind. The wholesome and peaceful experience will forever remain ingrained in the students' minds. Finally, they returned to the Leh main shopping market which is 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel. After shopping for themselves and their family members the students returned back to the hotel for dinner and wrapped up the day on a happy note.

Day 4 - Domestic trip Ladakh

Our day began with a good breakfast after which we headed for our journey to the Pangong Lake. On our journey, we stopped at the Changla Pass, a place with the highest altitude of 17,688 feet. It was an amazing experience as it was freezing cold. The view was breathtaking, surrounded by the ice-capped mountains.  It took us almost 6 hours to reach Pangong Lake. On reaching there we were awestruck with the mesmerizing view of the beautiful blue lake surrounded by snow-clad mountains. The students clicked numerous pictures capturing every moment and also clicked some pictures using the props of the movies "3 Idiots" and "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" a major tourist attraction. We were super excited to move to the camps as we were staying in tents facing the lake. After dinner, students and teachers enjoyed playing 'ANTAKSHAREE' and were happy to go to bed after such an amazing day.

Day 5: Domestic excursion - Ladakh

After a good night's sleep, we were a little sad to leave the Pangong Lake. We had a good breakfast and were all set to leave, we enjoyed the long journey and stunning landscapes along the way. En route we waited for lunch, then visited the largest and richest monastery in Ladakh, the Hemis Monastery, which was a captivating experience filled with cultural and spiritual insights. It provided a glimpse into the rich traditions and history of the region as we visited the beautiful museum with a display of ancient Buddhist statues, scripts, and artifacts. The students also had the privilege of being a part of a special prayer service specially organized for their good luck and save travel by the monk of the monastery. They got to know about the founder and current leader or head of the monastery.

Later in the day, the student then had the chance to visit the Rancho School, also known as the White Lotus School, which was set amidst the picturesque surroundings of Ladakh. It was an educational and scenic adventure, this school has been shown before in the movie 3 Idiots it was an iconic place in the journey of Ladakh. We reached our hotel and spend the evening shopping buying some souvenirs for our friends and families. We returned to our hotel, had dinner and were glad that we spent a great day.

Day 6 - Domestic excursion: Ladakh

On the final day of our Ladakh excursion, a sense of bittersweet nostalgia filled the hearts of the students. As they boarded the bus to the airport that would take them back to reality after five unforgettable days, the picturesque landscapes of Ladakh seemed to bid them farewell with its majestic mountains and serene lakes. Memories of thrilling adventures, starlit nights, and newfound friendships echoed in their minds. The journey back was filled with stories, laughter, and a deep appreciation for the natural wonders they had encountered, leaving each student forever changed by the magic of Ladakh.


By Ms Zoha Sayed