Being a parent, it is of utmost importance that your child receives the best education. As a parent, you may often look for the best ICSE syllabus schools near me or IB schools near me. Well, IB schools are the new mantra when it comes to education, one of the prime reasons being the 360-degree development of the students. One such school is MIT Gurukul that offers an International Baccalaureate curriculum that helps students to develop academic skills as well as emotional and social characteristics.

ICSE Board Schools In Pune

ICSE is an internationally-recognized board examination. In addition to academics, the best ICSE schools in Pune focus on arts, humanities, social sciences, and practical skills. Students at top ICSE schools in Pune offer subjects that are both creative and practical, like fashion design, agriculture, and home science. These subjects help students develop a range of skills, such as problem-solving, innovation, and creativity.

ICSE board schools in Pune have various streams of study. Each stream requires the child to choose different subjects. The ICSE syllabus is regularly updated and reflects changes in the modern world. The best ICSE schools in Pune emphasise the holistic development of the child and enable students to meet the diverse needs of society.

There are plenty of options available for ICSE schools in Pune. However, when choosing ICSE syllabus schools near me, it's important to consider the quality of education, as well as the price. Compared to other boards, the ICSE syllabus is very challenging. So, if you want a bright future for your child, MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is a perfect choice. Our school focuses on the IB curriculum to offer education to students.

“Education breeds
Confidence breeds
. Hope breeds

- Confucius

From The Principal’s Desk

At MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, the focus is on instilling values and ethics in children. Its ethos is grounded in holistic Indian traditions and emphasises fostering the best qualities in children. The school's architecture is in sync with its name and depicts world peace and harmony. It is also aesthetically designed with modern facilities. Spread over 35 acres of lush land, the school is housed in a state-of-the-art campus that promotes tranquillity.

Mr. Venu Gopal


Vishwashanti Gurukul

Curriculum at MIT Gurukul

MIT Gurukul Pune is affiliated with Cambridge International Examinations and the International Baccalaureate. The IB curriculum encourages students to develop complex problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills. MIT Gurukul is dedicated to imparting quality education to its students. It revives the age-old tradition of the Gurukul and strives to educate global citizens.

Facilities Offered By MIT Gurukul


MIT Gurukul has created a stimulating environment. The school's campus is spacious, clean, and filled with light and energy. Students can enjoy a free-flowing atmosphere that encourages learning and curiosity.


MIT Gurukul is one of the premier boarding schools in India, attracting students from across the world. A robust infrastructure, modern classrooms and excellent boarding facilities make this school a wonderful choice for students.


MIT Gurukul offers excellent transportation facilities. Students can board the buses at the school, which are well designed and features air conditioner and GPS tracking technology.

Parent Community

The parent community at MIT Gurukul is a unique concept which helps the parents to interact regularly with the teachers. Parents are encouraged to become involved with their child's education by participating in various events organised by the school.

School Clubs

MIT Gurukul offers a range of extracurricular and evening clubs. Students can participate in various school clubs like the dance club, film & photography club, STEM club, and the bookworm's bureau.

Extracurricular activities

MIT Gurukul offers a wide range of extracurricular activities. Some of these include a Debate Team, Outing Club, and Solar Electric Vehicle Team. Students can also participate in sports or yoga classes.

Various Programs Offered

MIT Gurukul offers various educational programs for children. The programs are designed to help students learn the skills and competencies needed to succeed in life. They also focus on Indian values while preparing students for global opportunities.

Why MIT Gurukul ?

MIT Gurukul is one of the top educational institutes located in Pune, India. Our campus is well-equipped with sports facilities and a library. We offer quality education to students in pre-school, KG, X, and XII grades. The school also offer boarding and medical facilities. Our teachers are experienced and have excellent credentials. Students can expect an exemplary education from MIT Gurukul.

Our school follows international education standards and emphasises value education to create well-rounded individuals. Students are encouraged to devote equal time to co-curricular activities and academics. This results in groomed, global citizens with moral values.

Our school's academic program offers students a broad range of courses. The IB curriculum at MIT is practical and emphasizes solutions to real-world problems. Students learn how to apply their knowledge in their chosen careers.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

Students who wish to attend MIT Gurukul School in Pune should apply for admission by filling in an application form. The application should also include a birth certificate copy. After that, students need to visit the campus and give an aptitude test. Once the test is done, you need to meet the principal. If you are selected, you need to pay the registration fees to secure admission.

MIT Gurukul is one of the best international schools in Pune. We follow the IB curriculum, which gives more scope and opportunities to students. If you want to get accepted into top universities around the world, enroll at MIT Gurukul. For more information about the admission process, contact us now!


"Vishwashanthi gurukul is one of the best co-education boarding schools in India. It has got excellent sports facilities along with exceptional academic support."

- Mrs & Mr Prashant Soni, Valsad, Gujarat.

"MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul has proven that knowledge is not limited to books and that nothing, including pandemic, can dissuade Children from acquiring it"

- Mrs & Mr Amit Chavan, Bharuch, Gujarat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which school is best for ICSE in Pune?

There are many good top ICSE schools in Pune. However, if you want to offer the best international education to your child, MIT Gurukul is the best school. It offers an IB curriculum which is highly recognized internationally.

Which board is best for the future?

International Baccalaureate (IB) is the best board for the future. The IB programme prepares students for life in an ever-changing world and the IB programme gives students a distinct competitive edge in a universal setting.

Are ICSE students smarter than CBSE?

CBSE and ICSE are two of the most popular boards of education in India. However, both boards have their own advantages in disadvantages. You must choose what is best as per the need of the students.CBSE and ICSE are two of the most popular boards of education in India. However, both boards have their own advantages in disadvantages. You must choose what is best as per the need of the students.

Is ICSE good for IIT?

The ICSE syllabus is designed to provide a thorough study of the English language and literature and may not be the best choice for students aspiring to go to IIT. The best curriculum for IIT is IB.