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Jal House participants

Second in line came the Jal House, presenting to all a beautifully crafted medley of four songs, particularly chosen so as to encompass the softspoken beauty behind patriotism, and the contrasting yet undeniable spirt of cheer embedded within all patriots. Ending with ‘Vande Mataram’, a song rooted in the history of Indian patriotism and devotion, the house undoubtedly left the stage with an audience filled with the enthusiastic beauty of patriotism.

Vayu House participants

Next performance came in heavy like a whirlwind, for the next performers were none other than the representators of the unconquerable Vayu. A powerful performance laced with the comforting notes of the piano, the house grabbed the attention of the audience from the get-go and did not let go. The transition into their second song was deliberately drawn out, an indicator of their composing genius, so as to set up the upcoming soft song, “Saare Jaha Se Accha”.

Agni House participants

Agni House participants


Last but not the least, and coming in hot with a blaze burning bright, was Agni House. Instead of relying on the on-stage instruments, the house went with an unique approach of accentuating their vocals through the jingles of the Indian classical anklets, claps, and an element nobody saw coming, beatboxing. This undeniably unique performance enkindled the embers of patriotism within many of the young amongst the audience, as reflected within their thunderous applause and gleaming eyes.

Judged by the wise eyes and the experienced ears of Mr. Ankit Gupta and Mr. Vivek from the MIT Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy, the performances were rated impartially and fairly. The results soon came out.

Prithvi came first, with its performance rooted deeply within Indian traditions rising higher than all. Vayu’s final ranking was every bit as powerful as its beginning, bagging the second place with ease. Though the blaze of Agni shone bright, they had to make peace with the third place. And Jal came last, in spite of their undeniably gripping performance.

And so this exciting saga of a competition came to an end, an end accompanied by an enchanting and mesmerizing performance from the judges themselves.

Patriotic Dress up Competition for EYP  students

The Early Years celebrated Indian Patriotic Dress Up Day to celebrate our unity and diversity as a nation. On this special occasion, our little stars from early years were adorned in attire inspired by great leaders, freedom fighters, and national symbols of India. Our little ones, even at this tender age, are taking their first steps towards understanding the importance of unity, harmony, and respect for one another.

Addressing urban challenges head-on, our students identified key issues and devised ingenious solutions:

Green Urban Solutions: One team crafted vertical green walls, mitigating pollution while enhancing urban aesthetics.

Smart Waste Revolution: Another group proposed a sensor-driven waste management system, optimizing collection routes and reducing environmental impact.

Renewable Urban Energy: Students integrated solar panels and wind turbines into cityscapes, promoting sustainable energy practices.

Community Participation: Engaging platforms were designed to involve citizens in shaping urban development, ensuring inclusivity and collective progress.

Through their dedication, our students have not only demonstrated their commitment to SDG but have also showcased their potential as future leaders and change-makers. We applaud their accomplishments and look forward to witnessing their impact on building sustainable cities and communities.

Bharat ko Jano was founded in 2001 by Bharat Vikas Parishad and was first launched in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Later, it was expanded to other states and then was held at a national level. Bharat Ko Jano has been held every year since 2001 and has become an incredibly popular and revered quiz among scholars and teachers. This year it was held at our school to test the knowledge about India in the grades MYP to DP. This quiz not only helped us know about our nation but also helped us learn why history has its impact on what we see in the nation around us today. It helped us develop our critical thinking skills and helped us become more knowledgeable and inquisitive learners. The questions are designed to make us think more and also develop a more inquisitive style of learning. Our country has a very rich history and culture, truly, as scholars, we have learned much more than we ever would have about not only our cultural heritage or history but also current affairs and geography.

Bharat Ko Jano is an excellent quiz that is a beneficial resource for learning about India. Jawaharlal Nehru, who was an important part of our history once said, “Education is the key to national development and societal advancement.” The Bharat Ko Jano quiz can help you to develop the knowledge and understanding that you need to be an active and engaged citizen. This can not only contribute to positive change in your community, but also in your country, and possibly the world someday.

By Megan. V

Students of EYP were well set and prepared for Inter house ‘Bharat ko Jano’ quiz. It was conducted in the EY block on the 9th of August andall the students showed great enthusiasm during the quiz time. Early Years students were presented with different images and were asked to identify National flower, animal, bird and vegetable. The questions were also related to different places and monuments from India which carried some significance. Each house showed great team spirit and competitiveness during the quiz. They were amazingly quick in responding to the questions, were eager to share their knowledge, and showed their love for the country.

Students of PYP showed great preparation and hard work for the ‘Bharat ko Jano’ quiz competition. Students researched different states and their capitals, state ministers, Indian Army, Navy and Air force, monuments, space and sports, etc. for the quiz. The quiz was conducted on the 9th of August in the Assembly Hall. Students came well-prepared for the quiz. The inter-house quiz competition consisted of 8 rounds, each round having 4 questions. Every group was asked a question and received 5 points for each correct answer. If a team was unable to respond the question was passed to the next team. All the teams showed great team work and motivation during the competition. All the teams performed wonderfully as the scoreboard showed the same scores. After a few tiebreaker rounds, Vayu and Jal house had a tie for first position, Prithvi house bagged second position, and Agni house stood third.

Students’ in-depth knowledge of the country showed their love and respect for the motherland. They were amazed to learn about the diversity of their country and took pride in being a part of the wonderful nation.


The investiture ceremony was a seamless amalgamation of tradition, solemnity, and youthful exuberance. The ceremony commenced with the World Peace Prayer and the Lighting of The Lamp by all the dignitaries gracing the occasion. A prayer dance ‘Ganesh Vandana’ was performed by two of their DP-1 students.

The heart of the ceremony lay in the investiture itself, a ritual where the mantle of leadership was passed on to the deserving students. With a well-choreographed procession, the student leaders elect marched forward, embodying a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm. The outgoing leaders handed over the symbolic badges of authority to their successors, signifying the seamless continuity of leadership and the legacy of excellence.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the ceremony was the oath-taking moment. The newly appointed leaders stood tall, their right hands raised, pledging their commitment to upholding the values of the institution, maintaining discipline, and serving their fellow students with integrity. The gravity of the moment was palpable, as the words of the oath reverberated through the air, carrying with them the promise of a brighter future.

As a spectator, I couldn't help but be awed by the grandeur of the investiture ceremony. The meticulous planning, attention to detail, and passion exhibited by everyone involved were truly commendable. The event was not merely a transfer of titles; it was a reflection of the institution's commitment to fostering leadership qualities, instilling a sense of responsibility, and nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only academically accomplished but also socially conscious.

In conclusion, the investiture ceremony at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul in Pune was a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to witness it. It was a testament to the institution's dedication to nurturing future leaders who will shape the world with their vision, ethics, and determination. As a spectator, I left the event inspired and optimistic, confident that the leaders of tomorrow are in capable hands, ready to embrace their roles and lead with unwavering commitment.

By Anand Nathawat MYP 4

Speech by the House Captains

Vaayu House

Vaishant Yavu House Prefect

Mother Teressa once said, “You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do things”
Respected dignitaries, teachers and friends. It is that time of the year when we gather together to induct our new council members. But, don’t worry, we still remain your friends, who are always there to lend you a helping hand. We may have that extra badge on our blazers, but don’t forget that we remain equals!
For me, a leader must be like former president, APJ Abdul Kalam. He was a gem of a leader, who never left his team behind. He owed up for the team’s failures and let his team go forward when it was their time to shine!
I have been a leader in multiple scenarios, ranging from our very recent Science project at school to leading a large team of colligates at my internship. From talking in front of 10 people at my first-ever gavel club speech to delivering a keynote address to 600 odd children and to now addressing you all.
Moreover, let’s aim at making this house better this year! Let us work together as a cohesive unit by leveraging each other’s strengths and realizing that together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. Let us foster a sense of sportsmanship by uplifting not only ourselves but also other houses and the entire school community, at large. Remember, it is not just about winning or losing a game. It's about showing respect, integrity, and fair play, regardless of the outcome.
It goes without saying, like last year, let’s work together, show the other houses how we can, *once again* of course – being totally respectful to other houses - win the house of the year trophy and take the victory lap!
Let’s go, Vaayu House!
By Vaishant Bafna

Agni House

Riana Verma Agni House Captain

A very good morning to everyone present here. I, Riana Verma, the house captain of Agni house for the year 2023-2024 am honoured to represent my house today. “With great power comes great responsibility”,  by the one and only Uncle Ben. Spiderman was a big part of my childhood, and this quote was life-changing.  As house captains our power is our responsibility. Responsibility to keep the school’s code of conduct, to maintain discipline, and to lead by example.

However, being the house captain is more than just a title. It’s a chance to support and lead the house in every endeavour. As a first amongst the equals, I am determined to work together with my house to bring out the best in each one of us. I am excited to see everything we can achieve this year as we all strive for excellence. We have the potential to make a change in ourselves, our house, and our school. As a house captain, I look forward to guiding and lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it and also learning from every opportunity alongside them.

One of my role models is the former captain of our football team, Zara Poria. As most of you know she was an extremely inspiring and enthusiastic person. She not only led us to victory during the football competition but also united our team. I aspire to inculcate these qualities and be a pillar for my house as she was. I will encourage my house members to step out of their comfort zone and participate in various events from debates to garba, and football to chess, to try something new.

The Agni House motto is “ Awake, Arise, and not stop till the goal is reached.” We should persevere through hard times and keep working towards our ultimate target- no matter what it is. By representing the Agni house, I will abide by this motto and ensure that we put in our best efforts.

I would like to conclude with a quote that may be familiar to a lot of you,“There are times when it feels like the world is happening to you, but remember that you are also happening to the world, so don't wait.” Take that extra step because it is always worth it.

By Riana Verma

Jal House

Siddhant Pallod Jal House Captain

Good morning respected principal, vice-principal, coordinators, teachers, and my fellow students. I Siddhant Pallod, house captain of Jal House, stand before you with gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility. I am humbled by the trust teachers have placed in me, and I promise to fulfill my duties with unwavering dedication and passion.

Warren Bennis once said, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” For me, leadership involves inspiring and guiding a group towards a shared vision, which is the best house trophy for us. I drew my inspiration as a captain when I led the march past for Jal House last year, and we won the best march past award. The sense of unity and determination displayed on that day showed me the true strength of our house, and it ignited a fire within me to lead even better.

My inspiration as a leader comes from the exemplary Bill Gates. His incredible vision, aggressive business strategy, and unrivaled work ethic made Microsoft the world’s biggest technology company. I wish to be a transformational leader, like him, who inspires and motivates others to achieve greater success and growth. I believe that true leadership is not just about individual success but about empowering others to shine.

Passionate about making a difference in the world, I am confident that I can inspire and motivate everybody to achieve greater things. Together, we can create an environment where everyone feels supported, valued, and encouraged to reach their full potential. As the Jal house captain, I commit to being approachable, empathetic, and proactive in listening to the needs and aspirations of my fellow students, at the same time being respectful to other houses.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for giving me this incredible opportunity. With your unwavering support and our collective determination, I believe that we can make Jal House soar to new heights of success. Let us embark on this journey together, making it a remarkable and memorable year for all. Thank you.

By Siddhant Pallod

Prithvi House

Alaina Verma Prithvi House Captain

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed faculty and fellow students, greetings and a warm welcome to all of you.

I, Alaina Verma, stand before you today, humbled and ecstatic as I accept the responsibility of being a part of the student council as the Prithvi House Captain at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul. It’s an honour to be a part of a council of hardworking students who are committed towards the betterment of our school’s community.

As I address you, I feel compelled to reflect on the journey that has brought me here. As a child, I was extremely shy and reserved. I was comfortable being on the sidelines and observing the world around me. However, since I joined MIT, this school has been more than a place for learning; it provided me with an opportunity to flourish, learn, interact with new people and most importantly, step out of my comfort zone. The encouragement from my friends and teachers has played a significant role in shaping me into the person I am today. Through thought-provoking discussions with my peers that roadened my perspectives, through guidance and support from my teachers who recognized my potential even when I couldn’t see it myself, and through hard work and perseverance, I have emerged as a confident and determined individual. Drawing from these impactful experiences, I am eager to work together to help you in your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Moreover, I believe that each student possesses unique talents and untapped potential. Whether it be in academics, arts, or any other pursuit, I am committed to creating an environment that nurtures creativity and success, ensuring that every house member feels empowered and motivated.

In a conversation with Pragya, our now sports captain, just days before the announcement of the council results: I said to her, “Badge or no badge, we’re still going to work together to support our house and steer it towards victory”. This spirit of camaraderie is what I as your House Captain aspire to imbue within each member of our house - a profound sense of pride in belonging to Prithvi House and an unwavering commitment towards its progress. I believe that a strong student council serves as a bridge between the management and the students. As a House Captain, I strive to be the voice for my peers and an advocate for the interests of our students. By fostering a sense of inclusivity and unity, I will ensure that every student feels heard, valued and supported. Together with my fellow council members, I hope to make a meaningful impact on our school’s community. I’d like to conclude by expressing my gratitude for the trust and confidence placed in me by my teachers. I promise to fulfill this responsibility with utmost sincerity and dedication. I promise to be approachable and proactive and work collaboratively for the betterment of this school. I promise to be a role model, a friend, and a confidant to those who may find themselves struggling to break free from their shell, just as I once did.

Thank you.

By Alaina Verma

In today’s session, we had a combined class where we were first shown a magazine cover page, and challenged to analyse the cover page. With some ideas and prior knowledge of analysis, my friends and I answered a few questions correctly.

Later on, as the lecture progressed, we were introduced to the importance of the size of the font, font colour, colour scheme, and placement of text and how it impacts the audience.

When magazine cover makers create covers that accurately represent the magazine's content and themes, they can attract authors who feel that their work aligns with the publication's focus. Authors are more likely to be interested in contributing to a magazine if they see that the cover reflects topics or subjects that are in line with their expertise or interests.

Coming to the four most important aspects of a magazine cover:

1. Font in a magazine cover plays an important role in attracting the reader's attention and conveying the overall theme or tone of the publication. Different fonts evoke different emotions so selecting the right font is crucial in setting the right mood for the magazine's content and target audience.
2. Font colour on a magazine cover also plays a significant role in capturing the reader's interest. Colours have psychological effects and can convey different messages and emotions.
3. Colour scheme in a magazine cover is vital for creating a visually appealing design. The colour scheme sets the tone and style of the magazine and helps in engaging the readers.
4. The placement of text on a magazine cover is crucial for guiding the reader's attention and conveying the most important messages effectively. Strategic placement of headlines, subheadings, and other text elements ensures that the cover's key points are communicated clearly and efficiently, encouraging readers to explore the content inside.

We were also introduced to the four textual contents in a magazine cover:

Main Headline: This is the largest and most prominent text on the cover, typically positioned at the top or in the center. It introduces the main theme or feature story of the magazine issue and is designed to grab the reader's attention.

Subheadings: These are smaller headlines that accompany the main headline. They provide additional context or features inside the magazine. Subheadings are usually placed below the main headline or alongside it.

Cover Lines: Cover lines are typically placed strategically around the cover to entice readers and give them a glimpse of the content inside.

Tagline or Brand Statement: This is a concise phrase that represents the magazine's brand identity or mission. It's usually placed near the magazine's logo and serves to reinforce the publication's overall message or positioning.

Lastly, at the end of the session, we were shown two magazine covers one for an art exhibition and one for a music event. In both covers, we saw different colour schemes, font types, font sizes, and placement of the text and learned how important these things are when analysis of a magazine cover is done.
By Taran Parikh DP 1

Reflection on Guest Lecture

In today's Language and Literature class, DP1 students gathered around for a more unconventional class. They were surprised to see a more unusual sight of the visual arts settling in for this class, many of them wondered how can that be?

As the lecture started the students were shown a more profound screen show shared the visual techniques and elements through visual communication.

During the presentation the teacher explained the basics of analysing visual elements, she discussed how the students can look at pictures and analyse hundreds of different elements such as typography, colour, illustrations, graphics, images, and placement of elements. These techniques are what combine to form a certain picture, it gives it meaning, it gives it depth, and a chance to truly understand its purpose.

By Arnav Somvanshi DP1

The advisors present there were all a part of the police force of Pune. Another one of the advisors vocalised that when someone is sexually assaulted, the one who is usually blamed is the woman.
The blame goes on the type of clothes she was wearing, or at the time that she was out in public, or that she was not careful enough. Why exactly is a woman supposed to be “careful” when she is out in public? A woman should never feel afraid or be “careful” when she is outdoors at night, or even in the day irrespective of her clothing choice. She (the advisor) also encouraged the students to speak up if they feel unsafe or if someone, in particular, is making them feel unsafe. The last advisor, who is also a lawyer, spoke about all the forms of sexual assault, eave teasing, the mental and physical health of women, and the overall safety and well-being of women. She spread awareness of all the rights and laws regarding women’s safety among us. She also emphasised the fact that some children are forced to become something they do not want to be, by their parents. She gave an example of how if a child wants to and is destined to be an artist, then naturally the child does not have the passion to become an engineer. She also requested volunteers to demonstrate examples of assault or disrespect of women that could clearly make any woman uncomfortable. She also declared that no woman should ever feel shame or regret after opening up or speaking up about her assault experience. A PowerPoint presentation was also shown, depicting the laws and rights of women that can be held against their assaulter in many ways. At the end of the PowerPoint presentation, there was a short video on how parents should raise their daughters to be strong, that parents should have faith in their children and raise them to always take care of themselves, and that children should never be afraid or ashamed to vocalise their thought process. As a girl, this workshop was exceptionally educational for me. All the advisors effectively described their thoughts on POCSO, women's rights, and safety. I appreciate the advisors for taking time out of their busy schedules to be present at the workshop on the protection of children from sexual offenses.