IB Schools In Singapore VS IB Schools In India: Which Is Best.

The advent of IB Schools in India has challenged the post-colonial educational system in this diverse country. The International Baccalaureate education system is more challenging to the students when compared to schools with different syllabi. The challenging nature of IB schools gives the students more opportunities to use their critical thinking skills rather than just memorising the content from the textbooks. Other than the challenging curriculum, IB Schools focus on their students’ holistic development in sports, cultural activities and soft skills. With so many options available to parents, it is important for them to understand what every school offers and its benefits.

It is a common notion that the education system in India could be better when compared to other developed or developing countries. People have recognised this gap and have started enrolling their children on international schools and international boarding schools. We are often informed that the education system in Singapore is regarded as the best and tends to draw comparisons between the two countries education systems. 

In this article, we understand the difference between Indian Schools in Singapore, more specifically, IB Schools in Singapore and IB Schools in India. We compare the two education systems using a few parameters to give a proper understanding of the two countries. 

Here are a few parameters and the differences between Indian IB Schools and International Baccalaureate Singapore Schools.


Parameters  IB Schools In Singapore IB Schools In India
Facilities The facilities in terms of infrastructure in Singapore are advanced and equipped with modern technology.  IB Schools have a unique cultural take on infrastructure. The schools here accommodate many diverse cultures and are one of a kind. These days, schools in India too are equipped with state-of-art technologies and do not compromise on the safety of their students, as most IB Schools also double as boarding schools. 
Geographic Variety Singapore is a multi-cultural society which plays a significant role in defining the geographical variety of the schools. The schools here are primarily found in cities and towns. The vast area of India allows IB Schools to experience establishing themselves in different landscapes. However, IB Schools are mostly found only in Tier 1 cities. This situation is now changing with more schools established across the country.
Affordability The overall cost of living in Singapore is more expensive when compared to India, which makes education expensive as well. Education in the best IB Schools in Singapore is costly compared to the best IB schools in India. International Schools in India are far less expensive in India when compared to Singapore. Parents can enrol their children in the best international schools in Pune at a lower cost when compared to the best IB schools in Singapore. 
Quality Of Education The quality of Education in Singapore is the best in the world. Education quality in  IB Programee Singapore Schools is impeccable, which makes the students independent and ready to face the real world. The quality of education in India could be better compared to Singapore, but it is taking giant strides towards improving aspects of education that were neglected in the past. 

We hope this article has helped you understand the difference between IB Schools in Singapore and IB Schools in India.

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