DP 2 Farewell

The day finally arrived, when the fruits and sweat of our practice turned into sweet memories. The farewell for our seniors of batch 2022-2024, was a resounding success, with the contribution and dedication of all of the DP-1(Us), and to getting the help of our teachers and making even Jaya Mam do a voice-over, shows how much we cherished them. The event started with singing, dancing, and jokes, which turned into heartfelt nostalgic moments, where our seniors shared their thoughts on this rollercoaster of IB, showing their affection and gratitude to this school for taking their sleep away but also making them grow as a capable and responsible person. The event’s main highlight was the open dance, where we spared no breaths and danced to our heart’s content in the theme of our farewell, starry night. After that, a photo session took place, which replaced the dinner and instead made memories of their wonderful time that night. The hour of the clock approached and it was the end of the night, we were forced to leave, or we would have stayed a longer time. We all wish our seniors, a wonderful life ahead, we all hope for your best.

Thank you.

by Eshaan Khandelwa DP1 

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