MYP 4 Assembly

MYP 4 Assembly: A Celebration of Talent and Confidence

The MYP 4 assembly, held on 8th April 2024, was a vibrant showcase of talent and creativity, centering on themes of self-esteem and self-confidence. The assembly was expertly compered by Aiyra and Adway, who guided the audience through a series of engaging events.

The assembly began with a heartfelt ‘World Peace Prayer’, setting a tone of harmony and unity. Following the opening, the assembly featured the latest news, with segments covering international, national, and school updates.

Jayden delivered a thought-provoking speech on the importance of self-esteem, emphasizing how believing in oneself can lead to personal growth and success.

Next on the agenda was a fun and interactive quiz, engaging the audience and adding a touch of excitement to the event. This was followed by a musical performance by siblings Dhriti and Arindum, who impressed the audience with a beautiful song accompanied by guitar, both centered on the themes of self-esteem and self-confidence. Adding to the musical segment, Anvi took the stage to sing the iconic “We are the Champions,” which energized the crowd and further underscored the assembly’s theme.

A skit, scripted by Tarang and performed by a talented ensemble including Abdul, Rituraj, Adway, Aiyra, Govinda, Neev, Vihaan, Pravin, and Shiv, was next on the program. The skit cleverly portrayed the journey of overcoming obstacles and building confidence, providing both entertainment and a valuable message.

To conclude the performances, MYP 4 students presented a vibrant dance, showcasing their skills and confidence. The dance team included Saanvi, Janvi, Aanvi, Madhusudan, Yash, Jeenisha, Sukheta, Riya, Tuushavii, and Anaya. Their choreography and energy captivated the audience and left a lasting impression.

The assembly also included a prize distribution ceremony, recognizing achievements in various fields, both curricular and co-curricular. This celebration of accomplishment further reinforced the assembly’s focus on self-belief and success.

To wrap up the event, the national anthem was sung, and the students dispersed to their respective classes, inspired and motivated by the performances and messages shared throughout the assembly.

Overall, the MYP 4 assembly was a dynamic and uplifting event, demonstrating the talents and confidence of the students. It was a memorable occasion that highlighted the importance of self-esteem and encouraged everyone to believe in their own potential.

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