How To Speak English Confidently.

Clarity in speech, point of view and ability to express oneself without hesitation are some of the core elements of a good speaker. However, to achieve that desired feat of becoming a good speaker, one must master the language they want to communicate in.

English being one of the most spoken languages worldwide, has been the most in-demand mode of interaction for the longest time. Therefore, institutes and organisations favour those who are adept at speaking fluent English. Besides, fluent English communicators who have a good presence of mind and problem-solving skills stand out from the rest. 

How to Speak Confidently in Public? 

There is a huge difference between speaking in front of a small group of people and speaking in front of an audience. The prerequisites vary; hence it is only natural that one may become nervous. The key is to practice, pause, identify challenges, and relax while speaking. 

  • Before attempting to speak in public, one must learn how to talk confidently in general. 
  • It is essential to calm your nerves before speaking in public; you can try breathing exercises or listen to music. 
  • Fumbling or speaking too fast are signs of anxiety and nervousness. If you realise that you are doing either of the two, then take a pause and breathe. Also, you can strategically plan your pauses, giving your audience time to grasp and understand your words. 
  • Practice effectively using useful methods, such as recording yourself talking and checking your expressions and gestures. 
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience and use gestures to emphasise your points. 
  • One of the best ways to reduce your nervousness while speaking publicly is by using real-life incidents from your life, which will help you direct your emotions at that moment. 
  • Avoid sounding like you are reading from a script. 
  • Establish a connection with your audience by including stories from life, including your hardships, struggles and achievements, helping them relate to your speech and presentation. 
  • Apart from the nervousness that most people may feel, there are challenges unique to each individual that they must identify and overcome. 
  • Incorporate humour in your speech, which does not necessarily mean making fun of others, which can also sound offensive. 

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Advantages of Speaking Confidently and Clearly in Public 

  • The biggest advantage of public communication skills for students lies in personal growth, including increased confidence levels and critical thinking. 
  • Helps in becoming great listeners. 
  • Provides personal satisfaction in being able to speak in front of a crowd. 
  • It boosts self-esteem. 
  • It empowers one to voice their opinions. 

Five Useful Tips for Students to Improve Communication in Public 

  • Be an Active Listener 

While learning how to talk confidently, it is equally important to ‘’listen’’ and not just ‘’hear’’. And that is where active listening matters the most; that helps to observe verbal and non-verbal messages. 

  • Know Your Audience 

You must be aware of the kind of people who will comprise the audience, depending on which you must prepare the presentation or speech. 

  • Take Part in Debates 

Mock tests help us prepare for the actual tests; similarly, you must participate in events such as debates, which will help polish your communication skills. 

  • Prepare Well 

Research and collect accurate information about any particular topic about which you will give a speech. 

  • Incorporate the Feedback 

Teachers will provide feedback about your speaking skills, which you must observe and adapt to improve and eliminate mistakes. 

Advantages of Good Social Communication Skills Helps Students

  • Good social communication skills enable students to collaborate with their peers. 
  • It motivates them to share their perspectives and keep an open mind to what others say. 
  • It increases their self-esteem.
  • It encourages them to seek knowledge so that they can engage in valuable exchange of information. 
  • It nurtures independent thinking, helping to develop a strong sense of self. 

In Conclusion, 

Speaking confidently in English publicly has varied advantages, such as improved self-confidence and critical thinking. That is why teachers at Gurukul World School emphasise extempores and debates that help boost communication skills. 

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