Will Reading Skills Enhance My Child’s Communication Skills?

Human beings connect with each other through communication. It is one of the most effective ways of expressing our thoughts, opinions, ideas and skills. Thus it is important that our communication is precise, clear and understandable. To achieve this, there are many things that one can do, and one of the most effective mechanisms to perfect communication is by forming the habit of reading. Reading is an activity that helps us discover and explore different topics, improves our vocabulary, and refines our grammar and sentence formation. Thus it contributes fruitfully to communication skills in people and makes them effective orators. It is, therefore, important that children form good and diverse reading habits from an early age. In this article, we enumerate how reading helps in the enhancement of one’s communication abilities.

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  • Reading exercises the mind – Through reading a variety of texts and books people learn new words, languages, and their culturally unique meanings. Reading also expands one’s imagination; creativity and analytical prowess, as one processes the texts and finds meaningful connections in them. Most IB board schools in India have dedicated time for oral reading in their schedules.

  • Reading helps develop concentration – Indulging in reading activity where one immerses in something that appeals to one’s literary and aesthetic taste makes a person get involved in the reading process and improves focus. This does away with distractions that waste time and energy. With focus, a person becomes more productive, interacts with others better, and expresses their thoughts well. Students from the best schools in India do well as they have been exposed to lots of reading time.

  • Reading facilitates expanding one’s network – Reading enables one to learn about different countries, cultures, languages and customs. This helps the person interact confidently with people from different backgrounds and binds strongly with them. Reading also advises about the dos and don’ts of communication within different settings thus making the person able to communicate culturally appropriately.

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  • Reading helps vocabulary – It is rightly said that reading expands our knowledge of words and their subtle and nuanced meanings. It thus makes us good speakers, better writers, and, consequently, effective communicators. In residential boarding schools in India, among which MIT Gurukul is a leading institution, a lot of emphasis is laid on reading various texts and books.

  • Reading helps reflection – As one reads more and more, the habit helps a person to reflect upon ideas, think about them, and process them for use in different situations and with people. This makes a person wise and careful with communication, leading to positive communication patterns.

Thus, reading leads to good and positive communication that is empathetic, culturally appropriate, brief and meaningful and honest. Good communication is all about being confident, speaking with an intent to connect with others and leaving a good feeling amongst all at the end of a communication. This can be helped with good reading habits, including oral reading that improves the content and the tone of communication. MIT Gurukul being mindful of this has well-stocked libraries and dedicated library and reading times for students so they can become tomorrow’s leaders through enhanced communication skills.

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