5 Reasons Why You as a Parent Should Consider IB Education for Your Child

IB, or the International Baccalaureate, is a high school diploma that is fast becoming a popular pedagogical choice with Indian parents and students. This internationally recognized educational option is known for raising critical thinking, enhancing the creative approach to studies, and improving the writing ability among students. At MIT Gurukul, one of the best IB syllabus schools in India, we have adopted the IB diploma curriculum and seen the positive results of our students through this program. There are many advantages for parents to choosing the IB diploma schools for their children. Some of the main reasons to study the IB curriculum are:

  • The breadth of study subjects:

IB students study subjects from six different groups that include languages, humanities, science and Math among others. This gives them a vast canvas of knowledge and also helps them make connections between subjects. The IB curriculum enhances their depth as well as breadth of know-how and encourages a multidisciplinary approach to gaining knowledge. Students also make connections between classroom concepts and real-life applications, such as the concept of kinaesthetic as it applies on the sports field.

  • Experiential learning:

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) is the foundation of IB education. The function of this is to give the students varied opportunities of learning through student clubs, projects, learning by doing, and working to do service for others. Sports, co-curricular activities, field visits, laboratory experiments, presentations and transferring the learning to writing all form part of the IB curriculum. Students are also given the freedom of creative expression and to follow special interests for holistic development. At MIT Gurukul, one of the top 5 schools in Pune, we provide all these avenues to our students to bring their latent talents and innate abilities.

  • Independent thinking and research skills development:

The Extended Essay and the Theory of Knowledge are two crucial components of the IB diploma. These writing exercises require a student to make an independent inquiry on a topic of interest, view it from various perspectives, make critical analyses and write their own perceptions, ideas and solutions for the same. The teaching also involves active two-way communication between the teacher and the students. The students have the freedom to voice their opinions and ideas respectfully, listen to others’ ideas and display mutual respect for differences in the ways each student processes the information. This develops empathy, thought analysis, listening and speaking capabilities in students.

  • Time management capacity building:

Within the academically rigorous curriculum of the IB diploma, students learn to manage time effectively for all their educational and other interests. They learn fast how to set time slots for studies, projects, student clubs, out-of-classroom interests, competitions, group assignments, and organizing events. Thus students are more likely to avoid distractions and gain quality of focus and concentration.  They also learn to challenge themselves within the stimulating and exciting learning environment of the IB diploma program.

  • Suitability for stepping into overseas higher education: 

The IB diploma prepares the students in ways that help them transition into their higher education in any global university or college seamlessly. This also gives them exposure to international paradigms of education and guides them towards global citizenry, which is important in an increasingly interconnected world. The IB diploma students obtain successful admits in larger numbers in the top-ranked universities in the world and are able to manage the rigours of those programs well. Conclusively, we can say that the IB diploma program has lots of advantages in helping build children’s future career paths, their personality, independent thought process, teamwork, time management and research acumen. We invite the prospective parents to visit our campus through a pre-scheduled appointment and to discuss the details of the methodology of the IB diploma at MIT Gurukul. You can write to the IB coordinator at admissions@mitgurukul.com to set a visit schedule.

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