How Boarding School Plays a Life-Changing Role in Reshaping Your Kid’s Future

How Boarding School Plays a Life Changing Role in Reshaping Your Kid’s Future

As a parent, you want the best educational opportunities that ensure lifelong success for your child. Right from school and up to higher education, your wish is to seek the most suitable institution and curriculum. Another aspect that can help develop your child and provide positive life-changing transformation is the experience of studying in a boarding school. Boarding schools involve the students staying on campus, living with other students and pastoral care staff just like a family. This experience has far-reaching benefits and must be taken into consideration when choosing a school for your child.

Some of the benefits that residential boarding schools in India,  like the IB curriculum based MIT Gurukul, bring to their students are:

1. World Class Education

Most boarding schools follow an international curriculum or have elements of international education woven into their teaching and learning experience. At MIT we have introduced the IB curriculum for our students. Boarding schools provide state-of-the-art student support facilities such as academic counsellors, sports and art areas, safe and comfortable study spaces and home-like living arrangements. These together give the same facilities as any international institution would to its students, and thus the students gain by studying in vibrant and intellectually challenging setups. Even the teachers in a boarding school are selected from among the best in the country. Many have international teaching experiences too that bring in a varied perspective to the pedagogy. MIT incorporates all of these for its students.

2. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities

Every student in the best IB schools in India, among which MIT Gurukul is one, is encouraged to have at least one co-curricular and one or more extracurricular activity apart from their educational pursuits. Living in the residential school, the students have access to sporting facilities, art rooms, and futuristic labs. They also utilise creative stations for things like sculpture and design, and participate in community service based student clubs. Students further undertake innovation based science projects and competitions, attend international conclaves, explore creative and business process writing avenues etc. These are available to them to pursue all days of the week. These myriad of offerings develop a comprehensive personality as well as an academic portfolio that makes the student an all-rounder and aids in good admits and possible scholarships as they apply to higher education institutions.

3. Discipline management and sensible independence balance

Within a boarding or residential school, such as MIT Gurukul which ranks among the best schools in Pune, there is a balance created between discipline and meaningful independence. Discipline is inculcated through scheduled daily activities and set times for study, meals, recreation, group work, individual time, and morning and night rituals. The students thus grow to be aware of how discipline and punctuality help them in achieving more in all areas of their academic and non-academic pursuits. Simultaneously they also learn to make decisions independently, learn to get along and work positively with peers from different backgrounds. It also enhances their critical thinking, emotional intelligence, confidence and communication ability. These qualities are known to be crucial for success in personal and professional domains later in life.

4. Growing life skills and  broadening the student’s horizon

Residential boarding schools in India provide a variety of experiences to students, more than non-residential schools. Apart from rich in-class and out-of-class activities as part of the curriculum, for boarding scholars, there are also varied after-school activities on offer. These can include personal coaching in higher and advanced levels of subjects, individual mentoring by experts in sports, creative arts, public speaking etc. There may also be certain excursions and site visit trips to industry, national laboratories, competitions etc. At MIT Gurukul, through these activities we give the students adequate exposure to develop a broader understanding of their innate strengths and to then utilise them in gaining experiences of success and fulfilment. These help in enhancing their life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and cultural sensitivity.

Boarding schools thus provide a nourishing environment for the students and help them grow all their personal faculties. This strong foundation becomes the strength for the students as they embark upon higher education journeys and later step into their professional fields. MIT Gurukul, being aware of the importance of giving its students the best boarding school experience has excellent pastoral care and enough educational and other offerings. They also have a team of dedicated teachers, pastoral care staff, subject, art and sports experts and student services like the career advising to enable the students to get the best school experience of their life. We invite prospective parents and students to visit our campus and make informed decisions to enrol their children at our boarding school. You can write to to fix a schedule for your campus visit.

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