How do children learn in IB PYP?

The IB Primary Years Program (PYP) is a balanced international curriculum for children who are 3 to 12 years old. Offered by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), the IB PYP curriculum follows a rigorous interdisciplinary approach. The overall purpose of the PYP curriculum is to:

  • Encourage students to think critically
  • Make them aware of local and global issues
  • Help them explore the best of opportunities in life

If you are a parent who is wondering whether you should choose a school that offers an IB Early Years Program for your child, you need to first understand the impact of such a curriculum. Here are a few points that discuss the impact of the IB PYP curriculum on students:

Recognized all over the globe: One of the reasons why IB schools are getting more popular with time is that their syllabus is preferred by international universities. The International Baccalaureate diploma has great significance, and it opens doors to multiple opportunities. In IB schools, among which MIT Gurukul is one, you can be assured that your child will receive the best quality of education that will help them throughout their life. If you want your child to pursue higher education in the highest ranked universities abroad, the PYP curriculum will get them one step ahead of the game by laying a strong early academic foundation.

Research-based curriculum: The curriculum and teaching methodology are based on research outcomes. Teachers who teach in these schools are provided thorough professional training from time to time to maintain the best quality of education as per the evolving needs and curriculum design. Such a curriculum is also standardised, meaning it is easier for children to adapt to the transition in their learning if their parents have transferable jobs.

Better learners and thinkers: Children who learn under the IB PYP system are better in the following fields as compared to children who study in national regular schools:

  • Reading abilities
  • Math based problem-solving
  • Narrative writing and critical analysis of written matter
  • Current affairs
  • Real-life applications of knowledge

They also interact with their teachers in small groups and individually often and get personalised attention. This helps them to learn more rapidly, develop an attentive mind and think critically when they approach a subject.

A joyful learning experience: Nowadays, only academic merit is not enough for a successful future. Parents want their children to also develop soft skills and explore other activities that they are interested in. IB schools take great care of that aspect by focusing not only on the best academic learning but also on the best kind of overall growth for every child. For example, at MIT Gurukul, one of the best IB boarding schools in India, children are encouraged to participate in activities that help them nurture their talents. An environment of joy, care, empathy and adventure is created to make children feel inspired to learn every day from a young age.

Therefore, due to the best academic curriculum and the focus on the overall growth of children, IB schools are ideal for children to develop their overall personality within a stimulating study environment. At MIT Gurukul, we ensure that your child gets every opportunity to learn, think and grow. We teach them to keep an open mind, create balance in their daily lives and reflect on their thoughts and actions. We help them experience a joyful learning experience and also prepare them for the 21st-century world that is tech-enabled and full of new opportunities. If you want your child to study at MIT Gurukul, we invite you to visit our campus to understand the kind of education and values we impart even in our PYP program. Please write to to fix a schedule for your campus visit.

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