Meeting Cricket Legend Jonty Rhodes

I, Shwetang Chaturvedi of MYP5 Chandra, recently had the privilege of meeting the South African cricket legend, Jonty Rhodes, during a training session at my cricket club. It was an exhilarating experience to meet him, considering he is still regarded as one of the greatest fielders of all time. The encounter took place around 9:00 in the morning when he arrived at my club and was welcomed with a Guard of Honour by the students of the Academy. Following the reception, I seized the opportunity to obtain his autograph on the back of my bat. He displayed great kindness towards us.

During the session, Jonty Rhodes conducted a fielding workshop, imparting valuable lessons on developing a powerful throw while fielding and mastering catches within the 30-yard circle. He meticulously explained each step, unveiling numerous insights about the sport that left me astonished.

By Shwetang Chaturvedi MYP 5

Navigating Stress and Emotions: Empowering MYP-5 Students 

In response to the growing need for emotional regulation and stress management skills among students, a specialized session was organized for the MYP-5 students on 12th December 2023. The session aimed to equip students with practical tools to manage stress, understand their emotions, and harness their emotional intelligence.

The stress management segment of the session was a collaborative endeavour, combining various techniques such as mindfulness, deep breathing exercises, and time-management strategies.

Interactive discussions and group activities allowed students to share their stress triggers and explore effective coping mechanisms. Strategies centered around effective time management, prioritization, and creating personalized stress-relief plans catered to individual needs.

The session concluded with a commitment from students to continue nurturing these newfound skills and integrating them into daily routines. Participants left the session equipped with a deeper understanding of their emotions, heightened self-awareness, and a toolkit of stress management strategies to apply both inside and outside the classroom.

The session ended with an interactive Emotional Intelligence (EI) questionnaire by N.S Schutte et al designed to gauge students’ awareness of their emotions, empathy, and social skills.

Following this introspective exercise, the Five Senses worksheet was administered, prompting students to explore their sensory experiences. This worksheet encouraged them to tune into their senses—sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell—to heighten their awareness of how sensory input influences their emotional responses and stress levels.

By Mr. Karan Tamhane Behavioral Counselor 

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul’s Design Champs Shine in National Design Championship

The tech enthusiasts at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul recently showcased their exceptional talents and skills in the Design Championship. Students exhibited great enthusiasm while participating in various categories such as App Design, Graphic Design, 3D Design, and Coding.

We are proud to announce that Saumya Sharma and Daksha Rathod of MYP 1, along with Keshavi Bhargava, Kavish Bansal, and Varun George from MYP 2, secured the Runner-Up position in Coding at the National Design Championship 2023 in the Mumbai zone.

Congratulations to our talented winners!

By Ms. Purva Holkar HOD – Design Technology

Annual day function

The air crackled with an electrifying energy that only a celebration of India’s spirit can conjure. It wasn’t just a stage. It was a launchpad, propelling us all on a breathtaking journey called Bharat ki Udaan – our annual day extravaganza. Every year, all the artistic minds in Gurukul come together to celebrate a theme through the annual day event, with colourful performances and captivating drama. This event showcases the skills we learn throughout the year, whether classical dance, hip-hop, singing, drama, art, oration. This year, our school wasn’t just adorned with vibrant decorations but with the essence of India woven into every performance, every cheer, and every smile. Furthermore, we honored the achievements for 2022-2023 with the felicitation of the class toppers, World Scholars Cup winners, and Ethics Olympiad champions. This year, our annual day featured the soaring of our students and our nation and its achievements.

From the pulsating rhythm of dhol beats to the graceful sway of Bharatanatyam, each act was a vibrant tapestry of our diverse culture. We soared through the ages, reliving the echoes of valiant heroes, ancient sages’ wisdom, and even the Indus Valley Civilisations. 


But Bharat ki Udaan wasn’t just a nostalgic glance back. It was a bold leap into the future, celebrating India’s scientific prowess and unwavering spirit. This wasn’t just a school event but a microcosm of India itself. A kaleidoscope of languages, religions, and traditions seamlessly blending together, a testament to the unity at our nation’s heart. Every performance, every cheer, every tear of joy that glistened in the eyes of our teachers, parents, and fellow students spoke volumes about the spirit of Bharat ki Udaan. Performing and participating in this event made us realize the progress of our country and filled us with pride for being Indians. Whether that was our participation in the Ganesh Vandana, an ode to Lord Ganesha for an auspicious beginning to our event, or dancing to the rhythmic beats of the Nandi Raag, a classical rendition of a Maharashtrian melody, we ensured that every beat we moved to displayed our pride and patriotism. 

Every student participating was engaged in work, preparing for the big show. The dance students of both Bharatnatyam and contemporary were engaged in rigorous practice sessions, mastering the intricate choreography and expressive movements to captivate the audience, along with the EYP and PYP students practicing each and every movement of the traditional dances from all over India. Drama rehearsals went on for weeks, emphasizing character development, dialogue delivery, and overall stage presence, promising to entertain and provoke thought and reflection among the audience with every scene. The music students from the Opera, Naandi, and Symphony Sonata practiced with their respective teachers to create a harmonious blend of melodies that promises to elevate Gurukul’s annual day event to new heights. The success of any event lies in seamless coordination, and anchoring plays a crucial role in maintaining the flow of the program. The preparation of our anchors involved honing communication skills, script memorization, and the ability to engage the audience through voice modulation. One of the noteworthy aspects of Gurukul’s annual day event preparation is the collaborative spirit among students and faculty. Different departments have seamlessly come together to ensure the success of the event. 

All our hard work and practice paid off during the final show, which was evident in every performance. We welcomed our chief guest, Retired Vice Admiral Murlidhar Sadashiv Pawar, recipient of the PVSM, AVSM, and VSM awards, and former Deputy Chief Naval Staff, who graced us with his presence and gave us a motivating message. The crowd applauded at the beautiful spectacle of each performance as the children executed their roles perfectly. The PYP and EYP dancers took us on a journey all over India with their energetic and electrifying performances in colourful traditional costumes from Kashmir to Maharashtra. We gathered at the annual day event not just to celebrate the joy of giving but to build bridges of understanding and compassion across generations. We felicitated our guests, the residents from Samarpan Old Age Home, with a token of our love and stand united in our purpose to support Samarpan Old Age Home, a beacon of hope and care for our senior citizens in Pune. Lastly, the Broadway Musical was a grand tale spanning eras of development,  growth, struggles, advancements, and victories of a land known as the “Sone Ki Chidiya.” We delved into Bharat’s history and learned how we grew and overcame every hurdle.

Although there was chaos backstage, we overcame the hurdles, and the annual day was a great success! Gurukul’s annual day was a grand celebration, a testament to the institution’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing a platform for students to shine. It was an unforgettable experience for all attendees. The guests, teachers, and participants enjoyed a delicious, sumptuous dinner afterward, capping off the spectacular evening. We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers who have actively guided and mentored students, the coordinators, the vice-principal, and the principal for this opportunity to showcase our talents. Their unwavering dedication and commitment have played a pivotal role in shaping the students’ talents and ensuring the success of Gurukul’s annual day event.

By Riana Verma and Pragya Mittal

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