Eight Reasons Why Daily Morning Prayer is Important for Children

Have you ever wondered why schools emphasize daily morning prayers for children? Your child is a gifted spirit, bustling with energy, potential and ideas, which need to be channelized in the right direction. Consistent morning prayers have been known to be beneficial for this. Below are enumerated eight points to support this and to understand the importance of a morning prayers routine:

1. Prayers Help in Developing Better Decision-making Skills

Should I complete my homework or play some video games? Should I be there for my friend or ignore her when she asks for help? Should I choose this, or should I choose that?

Children have to make many decisions throughout the day, and sometimes, they have to do it without external help. Morning prayers help them remain calm to make informed and better decisions. They also navigate their choices during the assembly and understand what the best option is for them.

2. Prayers Ensure a Fresh and Positive Day 

The best international schools in India create a positive atmosphere right from the morning assembly. Students can therefore start a new day with positivity and look forward to the new opportunities, lessons, conversations and games that the day brings.

At MIT Gurukul, a leading IB school in Pune, we conduct combined morning prayers with all students present, setting the day’s tone and inspiring children to have a fruitful and mindful day, work in teams and be sensitive towards each others’ needs.

3. Prayers Empower Students to Address Inner Difficulties

During the morning prayers, children may talk silently to God about their hardships. This helps them to identify their problems and pay enough attention to them to look for solutions. They learn to be patient in the face of adversities, feel hopeful and are empowered to look for solutions by the end of the prayer.

4. Prayers Foster Healthy Communication and Relationships

At MIT Gurukul, one of the best residential boarding schools in India, we go beyond reciting prayers just for the sake of it. During the morning assembly, we encourage our children to connect with God with an open mind and create a deeper spiritual relationship. This practice naturally teaches them to communicate better with their parents, friends and teachers, too, as it helps elevate their empathy, respect for others and desire to make positive interpersonal connections.

5. Prayers Teach Students to Count Their Blessings

During the morning prayers, children count their blessings and feel grateful for all they have. They do not take their lives for granted. They begin their day by thanking God for the wonderful blessings in their life and also aspire to contribute to society through community work.

6. Prayers Help Release Stress and Anxiety

At MIT Gurukul, our years of experience with children have taught us how morning prayers help release their stress and anxiety. It helps them to feel light from the inside, concentrate better and have a joyful learning experience.

7. Prayers Aid the Development of Consistency and Self-discipline

Did you know that preparing for the daily morning prayers is also a crucial part of the prayer? When children prepare for their morning prayer, they develop a habit of consistency and self-discipline. They understand the importance of showing up daily and imbibe punctuality, cooperation and time management.

8. Prayers Help in Positive Transformation

When children pray faithfully, they think about the habits they want to change. They address the desire for transformation in their minds when they converse with God. This leads to a strong belief that they are capable of change and their transformation in the right direction is always possible.

At MIT Gurukul, our curriculum is designed in a balanced manner to help students learn in-depth concepts without getting confused or overwhelmed. Many of our students go on to study courses like IBDP business management or other areas of interest. With the habit of daily morning prayers that we instill in them, they master the art of studying calmly, working effectively and living joyfully. In a similar way, we urge the parents to set up a night prayers routine just before going to bed that will help make their children feel calm, happy and have a good quality sleep, which will prepare them for the work of the next day.

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