Academics at MIT Gurukul: World-Class Education for Your Child’s Future

The first thing that you would ask yourself as a parent as you look for suitable schools for your child is, which are the good residential schools in Pune? Well, you need not look anywhere else. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, with its world-class pedagogy and student support facilities, is the best international boarding school near you. With its reputation as one of the best IB schools in Pune for 11th and 12th, we offer an education that prepares your child for becoming a global citizen and taking up leadership roles.

Academics at MIT Gurukul is a serious pursuit. We have adopted the International Baccalaureate curriculum for an immersive, experiential, and hands-on educational experience for the students. The school program is divided into three distinct phases, with each building specific competencies for your child.

The PYP or the Primary Years Program has been designed to lay a strong foundation in numbers, verbal ability, basic science, Math, and general social science principles. To make the education fun-filled and interesting for the children, we have designed ergonomic and colourfully decorated classrooms with kindergarten equipment and primary needs stationery, and other facilities. The education also centres upon nature walks, museum visits, short excursions, and many competitions where the children showcase their talents and creativity.

The MYP or the Middle School Program is curated around the principles of developing international-mindedness; concept-based learning and holistic development. Languages, integrated humanities, sciences, Math, visual and performing arts, design, project work, and health education form integral parts of this education. The focus is on enhancing the leadership, communication, and competitive spirit amongst the students by way of competitions,research assignments and presentations and through excursions and visits to places like the National Physical Laboratory, museums and historic sites.

The Diploma Program or the grade 11th and 12th are the most crucial and career focussed years at MIT Gurukul. During these years we not only prepare your child for success in the IB examination but also help lay the foundation for their success in bachelor’s education. Your child will study humanities, languages, science and social science, business studies, computer science, and art and design at this stage. The Theory of Knowledge (ToK), a special multidisciplinary subject forms a crucial part of the Diploma curriculum. Its aim is to help develop the students’ critical thinking, social consciousness and ability to work well in team settings. They also write an extended essay (EA) on a topic of their interest that enhances their logical thinking, writing proficiency and literary expression. Project work, community service, and excellence in sporting and artistic activities form an integral part of the 11th and 12th years.

Thus our comprehensive educational plan is the best educational choice for your child as you decide on selecting the best international boarding school near you. We assure you of world class education and world class, student safe facilities as we prepare your child for taking on the reigns of the future as a world leader of tomorrow. Our multifaceted education has ensured the success of our alumni in later years of their life too. For a detailed insight into our educational and other offering, please visit our website at

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