Ten Reasons Why MIT Gurukul is the Best School for Your Child

Every parent would want their child to have an international education that enriches their knowledge and puts them on a global pedestal. We want the same for them. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, one of the best primary schools in Pune, offers International Baccalaureate curriculum that helps our students to acquire knowledge through practical application. As a boarding school, we strive to cultivate in students a spirit of excellence, diligence, and integrity. We also focus on their holistic growth and encourage independent thinking, curiosity, and creativity, making us among the top 5 primary schools in Pune.

Factors that make MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul the best International School 

From the best on-campus facilities to individual attention for each student, there are several reasons why you should enroll your child at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul:

1. Qualified Faculty

The faculty at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul has been handpicked from the crème de la crème of teachers in the country. The passionate teachers have many years of experience in primary and secondary education and dedicatedly provide the best education to every student.

2. 1:18 Teacher to Student Ratio

Students learn in different ways and at different paces. Therefore, we ensure to cater the lessons to individual needs and provide each student optimum attention. The institution has made sure that there is at least one teacher for every 18 students.

3. Modern Classrooms

Classrooms at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul are spacious, well-lit, and decked with comfortable seating, smart boards, and other modern technological amenities.

4. Fully Stocked Library

The school’s library, which is open all days of the week, is stocked with a large selection of fiction and non-fiction books and an expansive collection of reference materials. It subscribes to JSTOR, Gale Reference, and the British Council Online Library, newspapers, magazines, and periodicals for students to stay up-to-date on current affairs.

5. High-Tech Laboratories

The school has state-of-the-art Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Meth, and Computer Science labs that follow international safety standards, and are spacious with a proper seating arrangement.

6. Sports and games

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, one of the best schools in Pune understands the importance of sports for the mental and physical wellness of its students. We have world-class sporting facilities and encourage sportsmanship and team spirit among students through dedicated hours for sports and games throughout the week.

7. Arts and Creativity

Students at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul are encouraged to explore their creativity by participating in various art activities such as drawing, painting, crafts, and performing arts like dancing, singing, and theater. These unleash their creativity and boost their oratory and imaginative abilities.

8.Experience to learn from International and Domestic Excursion Trips

We strive to expand our students’ learning by immersing them in cultural experiences of other cities and countries. The school’s management regularly plans educational trips for the students to places both inside and outside India. These broaden their horizons and make them culturally aware.

9. Healthy and Nutritious Mess Food

The mess provides nutritious and well-balanced meals prepared using fresh ingredients to students so that they have enough energy for a day filled with learning and physical activities.

10. Best Medical Facilities

The school’s health centre is equipped with separate wards for boys and girls with up to 10 beds each. We have qualified physicians and nurses available 24/7, ready to deal with any medical emergencies.

If you want your child to have an international education that broadens their horizons, challenges their intellectual faculties, and turns them into global citizens, Check our website https://www.mitgurukul.com.

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