Holistic Education – Developing Leaders Beyond Just Classrooms

MIT Gurukul was founded on the principle that along with learning in sciences, arts and sports, students must develop reverence for and connection with the natural habitats, their communities and the humanitarian values of compassion, care and empathy. In keeping with this vision, MIT Gurukul, being one of the best international schools in Pune, has developed a holistic approach to education. The aspiration of our educational ethos is to send out young ambassadors from our school into the world who become change-makers and become the personification of our values.

To achieve this end, our education is crafted around various activities and experiences that extend beyond just classroom education. Our schedules include discussions on human values and the importance of empathy, the innovative zeal and approach to studies, creativity in putting one’s learning to the benefit of society, and leadership qualities of fairness and inclusivity. The timetable also has provision for visits to old age homes, orphanages, schools for differently-abled students, and the like. These visits are not just mere excursions but more of practical learning. We discuss ways in which the students can contribute and also give them follow-up exercises as a practice. Thus our school has done generous donations of books, stationery, clothes, medicine, and various other aides. This practical learning has encouraged our senior students to volunteer and teach the underprivileged free of cost. These millennial kids are leveraging the power of social media to create awareness about such social issues.

love for nature is also a part of our life’s vision. Being an international residential school in Pune, MIT Gurukul fructifies a feeling of family among its students and the qualities of care and concern for each other. Included in our definition of family are also the green cover at our campus and the serene Mula Mutha river that flows on the side of our school. Thus our students participate in cleanliness drives, and cultural events to mark respect for nature. Students help maintain the green cover by being mindful of not damaging the trees or the other saplings. Tree plantation has been a yearly activity and every sapling thus planted is then nurtured and grown. We are sure that the students will carry this outlook further in their lives and spread the message for the preservation of nature as young scholars.

The international baccalaureate syllabus is also leaned toward the idea of learning by doing, making inquiry and conducting research and then arriving at thoughtful and evaluated conclusions. Thus the emphasis is on deep-diving into history, synthesising science through experimentation, arts through performance, and sports through collaboration as much as competition is the way of life at MIT Gurukul. The underlying motivation in our teaching and learning method is that students utilize their knowhow for making the societies around them better. Hence we showcase theatre on social issues like education or gender equality, conduct team-based sports to espouse cooperation among students, encourage travel to broaden their horizons and support debates and discussions to develop their critical thinking abilities. For we believe that no education is complete unless it develops a compassionate human being, rather than just a professional!

It is our constant endeavour to impart the best and holistic knowledge to every student who enrols with us and to refine their inherent human qualities. We would be happy to have some parents mentor our students through invited sessions on topics of success with social values, idea of participatory work, volunteering and community outreach, and using art for expressing human values. For expressions of interest please write to admissions@mitgurukul.com

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