Teenage and Educational Focus: Developing the Scientific and Social Base

High school is the time when students focus on building their skills and knowledge for a future career. Subject choices matter, the co-curricular and extracurricular activities take on a far greater importance in profile building. These are the years to research, listen, express, collaborate, lead, be creative, innovative and innately ambitious. These are also the years for the most diligent academic focus, putting in long hours of hard work for overall skill development.

Keeping in mind all of the above, MIT Gurukul – one of the top 5 schools in Pune, has devised a comprehensive curriculum for our high school students. We offer them the best in class education, out of class experiences, and personalized mentoring for schools their career. Through the years of high school, our emphasis is on building the qualities in the children that will hold them in good stead in their later years. Thus we help develop collaboration through group projects, healthy competition through activities, oratory abilities through Model United Nations and debating clubs, agility and strength through sports, artistic and skills through art and music.

Additionally, we help develop an aptitude for scientific or social science inquiry through case studies. We help build the empathetic quotient of the students through community based volunteering. Broadening of their horizons takes place by their  participation in the national and international competitions, and leadership by taking on posts of responsibility within the Student Council. Undoubtedly, all these are built over a strong foundation of our IB curriculum teaching and career advising. This strong foundation helps our students to choose the right subject mix and prepare well to grasp the concepts thoroughly.

Our career experts do a superb job of assessing students’ strengths and then working out the best future path for them. In collaboration with the parents, each of whom look for quality schools in Pune, we holistically profile the child and monitor their progress for success in their 12th grade examination. Simultaneously we also hold workshops and seminars by international and Indian institutions, subject experts and industry professionals. Thus providing the needed exposure to the students about possible higher education courses and career paths.

Among one of the top residential schools in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune, MIT Gurukul is committed to also impart practical wisdom about life and living. Thus we hold discussions about the importance of good daily schedules and exercising, indulging in philanthropy and charity, and building spirituality through yoga and meditation.     Through all of the above, we dedicate our efforts to keep the focus of our high school students on useful and productive pursuits, so they can become the leaders of tomorrow and be at the forefront of global change. For an in-depth understanding of what we do and to be satisfied that your child will be nurtured in our enriched educational environment, we invite you to visit our school and take a campus tour, or see our website at https://www.mitgurukul.com.

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