Journey of Right Learning Begins with the Right Preschool

Early life experiences play a crucial role in a child’s life. Like social, emotional and psychological learning, an educational base formed at an early age is also very important. Fulfilling this need are the pre-schools, the concept of which has caught up with educationists and parents alike in the present times. A pre-school is a play-way method learning institution, generally for children between the ages of 2 years to 5 years. These are meant for foundational learning in developing basic awareness of surroundings, working with simple motor skills and laying the base for social interactions and emotional development.

Preschools are the first step in a student’s long educational journey. As the initial milestone in their life outside of the home, the pre-school plays a very important part in shaping the cognitive, creative and conceptual aspects of young children. Understanding this, most Indian schools, but especially the best IB boarding schools in India, have pre-school as part of their educational offering. MIT Gurukul has one of the best preschools among comparable IB schools in India. A space allotted with appro[riate study materials, play equipment, lively classrooms and audio-visual technology have been set to attract the students’ attention to the first steps in learning. Loving teachers and benevolent care takers form the efficient teams at the preschool.

Importance of Studying at a Pre-school 

There are many advantages of studying at a pre-school, some of which include:

01. Consistent Structure and Routine

Going to preschool instils in children the habit of following a daily routine, and to learn in a structured manner. These form the basis of good habits during teen years and in adulthood.

02. Enabling Learning Environment

Pre-schools provide an enabling learning environment with the right tools and equipment. The brightly decorated classrooms, play pens, child safe building blocks, colouring notebooks and audio-visual mechanisms arouse the interest in children to learn while enjoying the learning itself.

03. Teaching through variety of resources

Whether it is storytelling, dancing or singing, making animal shapes with play dough, colouring and drawing, visiting a zoological park, pre-schools shape the learning behaviour, curiosity and the desire to imbibe information from multiple sources in children. This early base forms useful strengths for later research and inquiry.

04. Trained teachers and caretakers

The learning of pr-schoolers is strengthened under the guidance of teachers specifically trained for preschool curriculums. They employ methodologies that make concepts very simple for the young learners. The caretaker is similarly trained in child hygiene and emotional aspects and certified for the work they do. This ensures that the children are looked after and made to feel secure.

How to select a preschool for your kid?

While looking for the best pre-schools in Pune, the following will be helpful.

01. School  Hours

Young children should be initiated into learning at a comfortable pace. For this, it is important that the school hours at a preschool do not exceed two and a half to three hours. The duration should include some study, some play, break and rest to mimic the schedule that children have been used to at home.

02. Distance from home

Young children should be made to travel a little distance to reach the school without compromising on the quality of education. This distance should be traversed in school buses specially designed for young travellers with an attendant in the bus at all times.

03. School Infrastructure

School campuses should be safe for the young learners. The furniture should be ergonomic, play equipment should be painted in non toxic colours, low level taps should be installed at strategic points. Ramps must be installed for easy evacuation in case of emergency

Emergency Services

A doctor on call and the presence of a trained nurse at pre-schools can provide a sense of assurance to parents that the children will be taken care of in any medical requirement. Similarly, fire extinguishers and the presence of security guards at the school gate are other factors one can consider while selecting a preschool.

Talking to other parents regarding their experience with a pre-school, avenues for parent involvement, access to teachers to get one’s queries answered in time, visiting the school premises to see facilities first-hand are some methods that parents can employ while looking for nursery schools in Pune and other cities of India.           

To see the facilities present at the MIT Gurukul preschool, and to understand the teaching methods, we encourage the parents to visit the preschool during our open days and interact with the teachers.

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