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Residential schools refer to educational institutions where students study, lodge and board. These schools have emerged in the education scenario against demand from parents who have transferable jobs, overseas postings and extensive travelling work profiles. Boarding schools ensure that the children of such parents get a home away from home, learn in safe environments and develop social skills by living with other students from multicultural backgrounds.

Selecting an ideal boarding school for one’s child can be a daunting task, one that involves careful consideration of many factors. Some of the important criteria that parents can use to find the most suitable residential boarding schools in India are:

1. The board that the school affiliates with:

Parents can have a preference for the curriculum of a particular board they want their child to study. The main choices in India are between CBSE, ICSE, and state-specific boards. Increasingly the International Baccalaureate and the Cambridge Assessment curriculums are also becoming popular choices since most students aspire to study overseas after school. These two curriculums offer a seamless transition into the overseas education systems. Keeping this in mind, MIT Gurukul, a premier boarding school in Pune, has instituted the IB curriculum for its students.

2. School location:

A residential boarding school must be built in a suitable location, preferably away from the city centre. This will enable it to offer a quiet, peaceful and safe place for students to concentrate on their studies. The location should also be accessible easily to parents through public or personal transport, so they can meet their children on designated days of the month within the school’s mandate.

3. Safety readiness of the school:

Leaving one’s ward in the hands of a school requires the parent to be sure of the safety aspects of the school. For this, one can note if the school has all safety aspects such as emergency exit plans, fire extinguishers, trained personnel and guards for safeguarding the school premises, and student-safe classrooms and labs. The residential hostel facilities should also be accessible only through student cards, and entry to any unauthorised person should be banned. Safe drinking water, hygienic food preparation facilities etc. form other aspects of the school’s safety preparedness. Among the IB syllabus schools, MIT Gurukul is considered a leading institution that prioritises student safety.

4. Other selection criteria

Among some other criteria that the parents may employ to select a residential boarding school in India, they could be the choice of a same-sex or a co-ed school, fee structure, qualifications of the teachers and the certification of the hostel warden and other staff, and the overall infrastructure and facilities in the school.Making an informed choice for a residential school, where a child will spend the formative years of their life, is important for the long-term success of the child. With all intent to provide the best in the residential educational opportunity to its students, MIT Gurukul, one of the best boarding schools in india organises open days where parents can come enquire about the fees, view the campus facilities and hostel blocks.We invite prospective parents to visit our website, register for the open days and visit our school and the on-campus hostel.

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