The Art Scenario at MIT Gurukul – Developing the Creativity Index

As per the University of Florida art faculty’s study in association with Frontiers in Psychology, art education helps develop emotional states in students that leads to their physical and psychological well being.

Many cited researchers also say that such students develop qualities of empathy, aesthetics, and appreciation of life’s finer aspects. They also grasp how art connects the whole humanity in friendship and camaraderie. MIT Viushwashanti Gurukul, top residential schools in Pune, takes inspiration from such studies and has thus instituted one of the best art education facilities among schools in India on its campus. We have dedicated an entire floor to our art centre where we train our students in dance, music, art, craft, design, painting and sketching. We also have theatre as an integral part of our art education through which we address global issues of human concern such as poverty, discrimination, women empowerment, and peace.

As a top residential school in Maharashtra, we hire skilled and professionally trained art teachers and artists to bring forth the creative streak in our students. Our art pedagogy includes lectures, seminars, workshops, small group assignments, and individual coaching to refine the students’ natural artistic talents. The practical art work is also coupled with research into art, craft and design education. Study packs for independent learning and inquiry into art forms of their choice is also provided to the students. We take our students to visit art galleries, meet with professional artists, and encourage them to participate in art competitions.

Clay modelling, paper making, and papier-mâché also form part of our art classes. In addition, the students also immerse in ‘best of the waste’ workshops where they use old newspapers, beads, boxes, sheets, etc to create art work. These beautiful art pieces are often sold to raise charity funds and donate the money to schools for deserving students. Through such activity we help our students to grow as  responsible citizens and be empathetic towards each other..

Along with the expressionist art media like pencils, crayons, liquid colours, and clay our students are also currently learning about digital art, and using technologies such as 3D printing, Adobe Illustrator and and app based digital tools like Artflow and ArtRage. Thus while we are keeping our artistic heritage alive by teaching the students about Indian artforms of Madhubani, Tanjore painting and Kalamkari, we are also preparing our students to give it a 21st century makeover through technology and online platforms. Both, our physical art gallery in school and our online art gallery on our website hold testimony to our students’ artistic genius. Our students have competed with the students from the best Residential Schools in Mumbai, Delhi and other metro cities, as well as from schools across India, and emerged winners in art competitions.

We invite you to visit our school when we plan the next charity art sale. You will be able to not only view first hand art work of our students, but also be able to contribute to the good cause by owning some masterpieces of our students.

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