The Career Counselling and Higher Education Advising at MIT Gurukul

School education is not just about helping students prepare for their year-end exams. It is not only about honing their academic proficiency, but also about laying a foundation for their further education. Keeping this in mind, MIT Gurukul, one of the best international schools in Pune, India, has instituted a dedicated cell for career counselling and higher education advising. The aim of this division is to help students realize their innate potential and natural affinity towards certain career paths, and choose high school subjects that strengthen such choices.

The role of career counselling is to utilize scientific tools such as psychometric tests and detailed interactions with certified career counsellors to find the areas of strength within a student. Post such testing viable subject choices and future career paths are discussed with the student and the parents. The underlying motivation within this endeavour by MIT Gurukul, a top residential boarding school in Pune, is to steer the students towards careers that they are likely to excel, based on their inner abilities. Through the process of counselling and subject selection, we make an effort to help the students in imbibing knowledge that syncs with their future vocational aspirations.

Our career counselling process spans over many sessions, wherein our counsellors patiently answer all student and parent queries. They work in a collaborative mode to suitably chalk out the subject mix that the student should adopt in order to fulfil the requirements of the curriculum. This also becomes the conduit between the students’ present level of know-how and that required for them to reach their final professional destination.

We also invite professionals from diverse fields to regularly interact with our Middle Year and Senior Years students so they can learn about the latest best practices in different fields and the globally emerging career options. Through these interactions, we provide real-life grounding for our young scholars. Among the IB syllabus schools in India, we are one of the very few who also encourage field visits and site visits to businesses and industries as part of our educational ethos. Through these field visits, the students get exposed to professional settings which provide a sneak peek into how companies work on a daily basis.

Visit by higher educational institutions from within India and overseas completes this career guidance work of ours. Interacting with the admissions officers from such institutions, the students learn valuably about the next steps in their education that will take them to their ultimate career objectives .We also hold open houses for students and parents within our academic calendar, and will be delighted to have you visit us and ask your queries about your wards’ further education.

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