Keeping our roots alive – heritage, cultural and spirituality ethos of MIT Gurukul

As your children come to MIT Gurukul for their long educational sojourn, we prepare them for becoming a global citizen through the International Baccalaureate syllabus. Yet simultaneously we also ensure they are grounded into the ethos of the Indian cultural heritage. It is our belief that the holistic development of students requires a firm foundation in spirituality over which they build their intellectual domains.

The curriculum of our school thus includes the principles of Guru-Shishya Parampara, or the strong bond between the teacher and the pupil, which is the means to enlightenment of both the mind and the soul. The close proximity between our teachers and students ensures that the students receive training for development of their emotional and intellectual quotients.

The focus of our yoga and meditation classes is to bring out the higher sensibilities in students. These include empathy, kindness, forgiveness and morality. Along with this we also hold discussions and talks to align our students with the principles of selflessness, charity, culture and ethics.

At MIT Gurukul, we inculcate the vision of ‘humanity is one’ through our cultural training, and respect for all religious faiths. Thus our campus finds celebration of diverse festivals where the entire MIT fraternity participates as one family.  We are a potpourri of colour and celebration during such occasions, and every student is encouraged to participate in them. Among the best residential schools in Maharashtra, India, our curriculum is thus meant for ‘education for life’, and not just education for exams.

To inculcate a scientific essence in this spiritual education our campus is located in serene environs on the banks of the Mula-Mutha river. Teaching about keeping our rivers clean is an integral part of our education curriculum. Our herbal garden on the campus is an extension of the same ideology. We look to educate our students on the health benefits of plants and herbs while telling them about their mention in our ancient medicinal traditions and texts.

Discussions, debates and symposiums on topics of equality, education, respect for elders and women, and environment are held regularly. We also invite eminent scholars and philanthropists to speak with our children, so they learn through real life examples. Additionally doing community outreach to impact the world positively is an indispensable part of our education.

Being at one of the best environs of MIT Gurukul, we are proud to say that your child will not only emerge as a competent scholar, but also as a responsible global citizen. Come and become an integral part of the MIT Gurukul family by enrolling your child with us.

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