Catch Them Young: The Importance of Early Childhood Education

In the 21st century dynamically evolving world, we find career options hitherto unheard of, and there is buzz about at least 30% of the current traditional job roles to change by 2035. Within this scenario, there is a rising awareness about the fact that robust educational planning from early years of a child is the best way to ensure their future career paths. This points to the foundation that early childhood education can lay for students that inches them closer to realizing their full potential. MIT Gurukul, a premier residential school in Pune and one of India’s leading IB curriculum institution, is mindful of the necessity for crafting a comprehensive early education curriculum. We have thus put together activities both in the classroom and outside to deliver a holistic pedagogy to our young learners. Through our teaching and learning method, we help prepare your child for the changing academic and professional scenario. We catch them young and mould their intellects for adaptability and long term success.

Within India, the pedagogical styles have been based on assimilating facts rather than knowing what to do with them, when, and how, for best learning outcomes. Come 2020 and The New Education Policy proposed by the Government is set to disrupt this altogether. With its emphasis on no bag days at school, learning at the grassroots with the potters and the gardeners, and enquiry based research projects, there is a back to the nature, nurture and neo-learning trend. As parents, this might be the right time to sync one’s focus towards starting early and giving a boost to your child’s long term career through careful planning and collaboration with different stakeholders.

MIT Gurukul, a niche preschool in Pune, is your best bet for your child’s early education. In the formative years, we focus on developing the mindset rather than the skills set, honing ways to see things differently, and through hands on experiences. A walk in the park, visit to a museum, a course in recycling waste into artefacts; the list could be long. Fun based learning of numbers, shapes and dimensions, sports and arts, music and pottery, swimming and horse riding helps lay a strong foundation. The purpose is one – to start developing every innate ability of the students so that they can tap into their natural talents. We also aim to foster their sense of teamwork, empathy, environmental sensitivity, communication, and emotional intelligence. With specific online and offline activities like learning to play musical instruments, language practice, solving puzzles, or just the fun activity of writing with the non dominant hand, you would witness the child’s learning curve moving towards an upward trajectory.

The importance of early education is thus entailed in the core philosophy of learning; that young minds are like clay, one can give them any shape and fill them with knowledge vast and varied.  MIT Gurukul, one of the best residential school in Pune, is dedicated to fulfil this requirement for every student, right from day one. Come and start your wonderful educational journey with us, click here.

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