Top 6 Motivational Stories in English For Students with Moral Values

We have heard a short motivational story or two in our childhood. These short motivational stories in English have always helped us make crucial decisions when needed. 

A short motivational story in English can often come into play when you need to teach your young ones the values of ethics, but at the same time, want to make it a fun activity.

Children have a very impressionable mind at a young age, and true motivational stories with moral values can profoundly impact their actions and ethical and social development. These stories can also be speech topics for children to improve their reading skills.

The best motivational story in English can be any story that will make your child think and differentiate between good and evil. Animal fables can inspire a motivational story. They can also be inspired by true motivational stories with morals like that of the freedom fighters of India

Let us now take a look at a few Motivational Stories In English

1. The Lion And The Mouse 

The Lion And The Mouse | Motivational Stories in English

This story is about how a kind lion, even when pestered by a mouse, just warns and does not kill it. One day when the Lion is trapped in a hunter’s net, the mouse rescues the Lion and repays Lion’s kindness.

Moral – This Motivational Story, in English, teaches how no good deed goes unpaid.

2. The Magic Pot

The Magic Pot | Motivational Stories in English

This simple motivational story for students in English is an excellent example of how greed leads to problems.

In this story, a poor farmer finds a magic pot that provides abundant anything. The poor farmer becomes rich using this pot. The King of the land then forcibly takes the pot from the farmer, and the greedy King multiplies his wealth. One day, tragedy strikes when the King’s father falls into the pot, and the King looks after his father and his father lookalike. This situation causes the King many problems, losing his peace of mind. 

Moral – This beautiful, honest, inspiring story for children teaches them that – Being greedy can lead to problems.

3. Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs | Motivational Stories in English

This short motivational story in English, is one of the most loved stories with great moral value.

This story shows how important hard work is. Of the three little pigs, two were lazy, shied away from working hard, and worked on houses made of straws. The third pig built a brick house by working hard. A wolf blows up the two weak houses and eats the two little pigs, but the third one is safe because of his strong home.

Moral – Hard Work always pays off.

4. The Boy Who Cried, Wolf

The Boy Who Cried, Wolf | Motivational Stories in English

This motivational story in English teaches a vital lesson in life. 

This story is about a mischievous young boy who enjoys playing pranks on others and lying about everything. One day, while the boy and his father were walking in the woods, the boy pranked his father several times by saying that a wolf was following them.

The father gave up after asking the boy not to lie a few times. On one fateful day, the boy was followed by a wolf, for real this time, but his father did not believe the boy as he was always lying to his father. The wolf attacked the boy and ate him this time, only for the father to realise later what had happened.

Moral – No one will believe a liar even when he tells the truth. 

5. The Ant and The Grasshopper 

The Ant and The Grasshopper | Motivational Stories in English

This story involves a carefree grasshopper and a hardworking Ant. The ant collects food in the summer to prepare for the winter, while the grasshopper is fooling around in the summer, mocking the ant for its hard work. 

When winter arrives, the ant is warm with its tummy full, while the grasshopper is starving without food. The ant then helps the grasshopper through the winter and teaches the importance of hard work.

Moral – This Motivational Short Story in English gives a message about Hard Work and Planning.

6. The Ugly Duckling 

The Ugly Duckling | Motivational Stories in English

In this story, a grey duckling is ridiculed by his siblings for his ugly appearance. Unable to bear the ridicule, the duckling runs away from its family. After some time, the duckling realises it is a beautiful swan, not a duck. The snow-white feather makes the duckling happy and gains the confidence to face the world.

Moral – This story is one of the best motivational stories in English and teaches us not to judge others by their looks.

These motivational stories with moral values are vital for the moral development of students, and they are great as storytelling ideas for kids. The stories mentioned above are just a few of the many. Parents and teachers can tell children these stories to teach them a few good habits for their bright future.

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