The Impact of Teacher-Student Relationships on Academic Success

The Impact of Teacher Student Relationships on Academic Success
The teacher-student relationship is the positive relationship between the student and the teacher in a learning environment. This relationship is built on trust and mutual respect and has a role to play in helping the students acquire the desired level of academic success. A positive teacher-student relationship not only motivates the students but also helps them in building their confidence. 

Why is the Teacher-Student Relationship Important?

On average, a student spends around 180 days a year with a teacher. So, the students need to share a positive relationship with the teacher. This relationship will act as a source of motivation for the students. The students will feel comfortable in the presence of the teacher. This will make their learning experience an interactive one. The students can organically evolve into confident individuals and active learners. Even nursery schools in Pune should focus on teacher-student relationships so that the students can acquire their lessons in a positive environment from an early age.

The Role of Teacher-student Relationships in Academic Success

Research findings on the impact of positive teacher-student relationships on academic success: Recent studies conducted on the students studying in ib board schools in India have shown that the students who share a healthy relationship with their teachers tend to perform better academically. A study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology revealed that the students who shared a strong bond with their teachers achieved better grades in their exams. 

The Effects of Negative teacher-student Relationships on academic performance and Engagement

The relationship between a teacher and a student is very sensitive. Any negativity in the teacher-student relationship can negatively impact the academic performance of the students. It can also lead to reduced engagement in the classroom. The students tend to miss their classes more frequently. They also start to suffer from stress and anxiety. 

Factors that influence teacher-student relationships

Classroom environment: A good environment always plays a key role in shaping a student’s future. Students are more attentive in a positive classroom environment. They also share their opinion with the rest of the class more freely. Teacher beliefs and attitudes: The approach of a teacher towards the student is another essential factor for building positive teacher-student relationships. With the students see that their teacher has a positive attitude toward them, they feel more encouraged in class. Student characteristics: The students’ characteristics which include their academic ability and their behavior in the classroom, can impact the teacher-student relationship to a great extent. If the students feel more motivated in the classroom, they are more likely to perform better in the examination. 

Strategies for improving teacher-student relationships

Creating a positive classroom environment:  If the students are treated with love and respect in their classroom, they feel more encouraged to participate in various classroom activities. They will take their lessons more seriously. Building trust and rapport with students: Sharing a relationship of trust and respect with the students can help the teachers in bringing out the best in their students. The teachers should also encourage the students to participate in various extracurricular activities. Using effective communication and feedback: The teachers should communicate with their students in such a way that they feel valued.  They should also take regular feedback from the students. Making effective communication with children is a must at some of the most reputed boarding schools in Bangalore. Fostering a growth mindset:  By fostering a growth mindset, teachers can easily help students to learn from their mistakes. The students should also be able to ask questions without being judged. So, if you want your kids to experience a healthy teacher-student relationship from an early age, then it is high time to get them admitted to MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, one of the best international schools in Pune. This will help your kids in building an excellent future for themselves. They will also walk the path of success in the upcoming years.
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