The Future Road Map: Career Options after Completing IB Education

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Certificate is widely recognized in Indian as well as foreign universities. The most esteemed universities abroad give a lot of significance to the well-balanced and rigorous IB curriculum. Moreover, according to the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), the IB Diploma makes a student eligible for undergraduate courses in India too. Therefore, the career options for your child after completing IB education are varied, and some of them have been discussed below:

Engineering/IIT Entrances: Students from an International Baccalaureate education system can sit for engineering entrance exams such as JEE. The IB curriculum allows students to develop an avid interest in scientific thinking and problem-solving. This aids in the development of their confidence, boosts their creative thinking, enhances their logical abilities; and it helps them aim for the best when they prepare for these engineering entrance tests. Every year, many students from the best IB schools in India such as MIT Gurukul, secure a place in the top engineering colleges within India and abroad.

Liberal Arts: During the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), IB students participate in CAS: creativity, activity and service. Students are assigned interesting projects and taught how to foster their creativity. Many students from IB schools like MIT Gurukul in Pune go on to pursue the liberal arts education. Indian universities such as Ashoka and Delhi University have rigorous courses in Literature, Political Science, Economics and other subjects and students from IB curricula have taken advanced level of these subjects in school itself, making them ideal candidates for such courses in their bachelors. Students from the IB curriculum also do well in the SAT and ACT exams, entrance tests and interviews as part of liberal arts admissions.

Career counseling: In most countries including India, there is a great need for more career counselors given the number of students. This is a brilliant career path that allows people to make informed choices in the field of education and be aware of interesting opportunities for growth. The IB syllabus touches upon aspects of education, develops important concepts in the subjects that students pursue and encourages them to be inquisitive. This means that many IB students could become capable mentors in helping young minds navigate their career options and create a larger impact through mentoring and guiding them.

MBBS: The structure of the IB program develops a deep knowledge and understanding of every subject the student learns. This helps them to grow a sharp interest in studying medicine in Indian and foreign universities. With the best attention to detail and intelligent ways of learning, many IB students turn into world-renowned doctors who save lives every day.

Professor or researcher: The IB classroom functions very differently from traditional curriculum classes. Every child is given importance and encouraged to speak in IB classes. Students are made aware of global issues and introduced to looking at situations from many perspectives. MIT Gurukul and the other top-ranked IB schools in India thus produce students who are interested in research and teaching. Many of them carry on with a brilliant academic career and join IB schools or the best universities as teachers and professors. They also conduct independent research, and their contribution is widely celebrated in their respective fields.

We can thus conclude that the IB Diploma is recognized globally and gives students a wide range of career opportunities. At MIT Gurukul, our goal is not only to make students achieve the best of opportunities career-wise but also to prepare them as leaders of society. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our school in grade 11 to educate them in the IB curriculum, you may write to or fix an appointment to meet with our senior years’ academic coordinator.

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