World Champions of Senior School Ethics Olympiad 2023

This year, our senior school team, comprising of 5 students from DP 2, Mustafa Masalawala, Mayank Jayaswal, Aanya Das, Arnish Raiji and Praneet Kulkarni, under the guidance of  Ms Shrishty Sehgal, participated in the Ethics Olympiad on 27th July 2023 and won the gold medal in the Final Senior School Ethics Olympiad. The Ethics Olympiad is an international event in which over 1000 schools participate annually from countries such as Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, the UK and the US. It is a platform to put forth ethical perspectives on various issues and situations.


The students won Gold in the first round on May 22nd, 2023 where they competed against schools from the Asia Pacific and Australian regions and qualified for the Final round of the International Ethics Olympiad. The competition involved successive “heats” where two teams of five members each competed by sharing their perspective on the ethical implications on the cases provided. These cases covered several topics like anger in political discourse, the use of neurotechnology and the mandating of national defence service in the face of an imminent attack. The students had to provide their ethical perspectives on these cases. In the final round, 44 out of 350 teams from all around the world qualified and competed against each other. 

Our students have not only made the school proud but also have made our country proud, as this is the first time a team from India has won the Gold medal at this level.