Ladakh Excursion

The Ladakh excursion was a six-day adventure filled with cultural experiences, educational visits, and breathtaking landscapes. The journey began with a flight from Pune to Delhi, and then to Ladakh. The travelers faced the challenge of acclimatizing to the high-altitude weather but were rewarded with a visit to Ladakh’s rich cultural festival program on the first day. They explored the local market and enjoyed mesmerizing musical performances.

The following days included visits to significant locations, such as the Hall of Fame, Thiksay Monastery, and SECMOL school. These experiences allowed the students to learn about Ladakh’s history, culture, and sustainable practices. They also had the opportunity to enjoy local cuisine and visit iconic movie locations.

The excursion reached its peak with a visit to Pangong Lake, where students were captivated by the stunning scenery and stayed in tents by the lake. They enjoyed games and bonding in the evening. Subsequent days included visits to the Hemis Monastery, the Rancho School (famous from the movie “3 Idiots”), and some souvenir shopping.

On the final day, as the students left Ladakh, they were filled with bittersweet nostalgia. They carried with them memories of thrilling adventures, starlit nights, and newfound friendships. The journey back was marked by stories, laughter, and a deep appreciation for Ladakh’s natural wonders, leaving each student forever changed by the magic of this beautiful region.