Inter-House Patriotic Song Competition

When seeking a definition of patriotism, responses vary due to diverse ideals. Amid these differing opinions, a common theme emerges: devotion to one’s country. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul’s houses celebrated this theme through a musical competition as our nation celebrates it’s 77th Independence day.
Prithvi began with a moving tribute to India’s freedom fighters, while Jal House presented a medley capturing patriotism’s essence. Vayu House impressed with a powerful performance, and Agni House’s unique approach ignited patriotism. Judges from MIT Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy rated impartially. Prithvi won, Vayu secured second, Agni claimed third, and Jal House came last, in spite of their undeniably gripping performance. This exciting saga of a competition came to an end,  accompanied by an enchanting and mesmerizing performance from the judges themselves.
Amid applause, the event’s core emerged: patriotism’s unifying power. As the notes faded, celebrating one’s nation had bonded all. Amidst divisions, it reminded that homeland love bridges gaps, nurturing lasting unity beyond the applause’s end.