Debate Competition

The Thrilling World of Debate Competition

Subject: ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.’

The debate competition witnessed an intense clash of intellectual prowess, as participants from our school gathered to discuss the thought-provoking topic, “An Eye for an Eye Makes the World Blind.”

Debate competitions serve as a platform, where students could showcase their enthusiasm, confidence, and depth of information. This event not only cultivated critical thinking skills but also fostered a competitive spirit. The competition recognized outstanding performances from each house, exemplifying the diversity of talent and dedication among the participants.


1st – Agni House                      

2nd – Vayu House

3rd – Jal House                               

Best Speakers: Mayank Jaiswal, Aanya Das, Nivaan Shroff

The opportunity to express their opinions, engage in rigorous research, and articulate their arguments provoked their eagerness to participate. The thrill of defending their stance and persuading others built a sense of excitement that drives students to delve deeper into the subject matter.

The act of speaking in front of an audience and defending one’s viewpoint demands self-assurance and effective communication skills. Through extensive practice and constructive feedback from coaches and peers, students developed the ability to present their ideas with clarity and conviction. 

This thirst for knowledge enhanced their understanding of the subject matter and helped to broaden their horizons. Furthermore, the exchange of ideas during debates allowed students to expand their knowledge through exposure to different viewpoints and counterarguments.

Participating in debate competition was a transformative experience for students. It increased their enthusiasm, built their confidence, and expanded their knowledge. By engaging in rigorous research, constructing compelling arguments, and embracing healthy competition, students developed a range of skills that served them well beyond the debate stage. 

Eventually, Mr. Arpit Sharma the Vice Principal, provided guidance to all the students and emphasized the distinction between the concepts of revenge and justice. He highlighted the importance of upholding laws without any form of disrespect.