The Subject Choices in High School – Preparing for Your Future Education

The subjects that the students choose in their high school, have an influence on their life and career ahead. To know the exact trajectory of one’s career path one needs to make the correct first decision in taking subjects that will build into both future education as well as a future vocation. For example, to undertake a career in Marine Biology, it is important that a student studies both Biology and Math at the school level since Marine Biology includes elements of statistical data collection of marine species. In absence of the correct guidance, many talented students’ career ambitions would find regret in the hindsight.

At MIT Gurukul, one of the international residential schools in Pune, we are mindful of the fact that students, and many times their families, need guidance from higher education experts and college counsellors for making the right selection of the subject mix. Thus we have a dedicated cell that interacts and discusses with the 10th-grade students on their:

  1. Subjects of interest
  2. Possible career choices
  3. Innate strengths and proclivity towards science, arts, commerce or humanities
  4. The aspiration to undertake further education in India or overseas
  5. Possible roles and designations they hope to obtain in their professional career

This helps initiate the first formal undertaking of careful planning for subject choice in the 11th grade, which is the stepping stone to selecting a focussed subject stream. This involves segregating the subjects into science or arts, commerce or languages, and then picking one (sometimes two) that the student feels most confident in tackling. At MIT Gurukul, one of the best international schools in Pune, this is the time that the higher education experts step in along with study abroad advisors and provide insights towards bachelor’s courses and what their prerequisites are. The final step in this process includes making the firm choice for the combination of subjects that the student will study in grades 11th and 12th.

We also adopt the approach that each child is unique, with their individual career dreams and ambitions, and process the same information in a way that is individualistic and innate. Thus we map the students’ personality, strengths, aptitude and future dreams. We employ the scientifically tested methods and psychometric tools for this purpose. We also spend time with the students and their families to mitigate the factors that may influence an incorrect subject choice, such as societal pressure, unrealistic expectations from the student, peer pressure etc. The ultimate aim is to take the student from confusion, to clarity and certainty about the subjects and what career paths they can lead to.

Finally, it is our endeavour to inform the students that stream selection is not a daunting task. Once the short term career vision at least is put into perspective, we trace backwards to the present day and which subjects will lead to the future career that the student is keen on. Being one of the Best boarding schools in India, we also pride ourselves in knowing our students closely and being their mentor and friends in helping them in high-school subject selection. We also hold regular seminars by subject experts and professionals to discuss their own professional trajectory and which subjects they pursued in school. We also hold individual career sessions by appointment for students and would be happy to receive your request at  for a personalized session with you and your child.

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