List 7 New Wonders of the World | 2023 Updated List!

As time passed, many buildings and structures were either destroyed or hidden from our naked eyes. However, few architectural marvels still exist today, and some are considered the new seven wonders of the World.

The new 7 wonders of the World have stood the test of time. These structures were considered ahead of their time when being built and are the finest pieces of design and architecture even today.

The seven wonders of the World have witnessed centuries of human evolution and stood firm through natural calamities, wars and regime changes. Each of the seven wonders of the World has the culture of their time etched in them, which helps us understand the people of the past. 

In this article, we educate ourselves on the name of the seven wonders and their significance.

The Updated List of The Seven Wonders of The World 

1. Chichen Itza, Mexico – 

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Mayans built this ancient city between AD 600 and 1200. Numerous Mayan buildings show the glory of the Mayans. This excellent site of history is now in Yucatan, Mexico.

2. Christ The Redeemer, Brazil – 

Christ The Redeemer, Brazil

This monument is the latest of the new 7 Wonders of the World. Construction began in 1922 and ended in 1931. This statue is in the shape of a crucifixion cross. Initially, the plan was to use steel, but the designers changed it to soapstone.

3. The Great Wall Of China, China – 

The Great Wall Of China, China

Built as a protection against the various nomadic tribes of the Eurasian Steppe, this monument has rightly found its place among the seven wonders of the World.

4. Machu Picchu, Peru – 

Machu Picchu, Peru

This site had a written record of its significance when the Europeans visited the great location in the 19th Century. This site has two very famous buildings. One is a Sun Temple called Intihuatana, and the other is a room with three windows.

5. Petra, Jordan – 

Once the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom, this beautiful monument is now part of the new seven wonders of the World.

6. The Colosseum, Italy – 

The Colosseum, Italy

One of the most magnificent monuments of the past and part of the modern 7 wonders of the World is the Colosseum. This theatre was the largest of its time and is still one of the largest theatres now. The Colosseum was completed in AD 80.

7. Taj Mahal, India – 

Taj Mahal, India

Located in the diverse land of India, this epitome of love is one of the most visited monuments in the World. Taj Mahal was constructed between 1631 and 1653 by the then Mughal King, Shah-Jahan, in memory of his late wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is made of White Marble with various etchings depicting the art of that time.

These beautiful structures are known as the new seven wonders of the World. These structures’ records are well documented and preserved, making them even more enjoyable. 

This concludes the list of 7 Wonders of the World Names, significance, history and culture. With this information equipped, we hope you also take a keen interest in other monuments and make sure that you educate yourself on the rich history of the past civilisations and the way of their lives.

Why Do Students Need To Know About These 7 Wonders Of The World?

1. Cultural and Historical Appreciation

It is essential to know the cultures of various civilisations to understand the diverse minds of people worldwide. It also helps us appreciate our history and remember our ancestors of the past.

2. Global Awareness – 

These past monuments unite the World through a shared appreciation of architecture. It also creates awareness among people and curiosity about other parts of the World. Global awareness makes the name of seven wonders of the World a household name in every country.

3. Architectural and Engineering Inspiration

All the 7 Wonders of the World are a marvel in their own right. This paves the path for architectural and engineering inspiration for everyone around the World.

4. Cultural Significance –

The monuments also amplify the cultural aspects of that region.

5. Inspiration And Wonder

They inspire youngsters to learn about various civilisations and make them wonder about the few mysteries behind the inscriptions on the monuments.


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The Pyramid of Giza is the World’s oldest and the first wonder.

The famous Greek Historian Herodotus named it.

They were chosen through an online contest by a Swiss Company called the New 7 Wonders Foundation.

Yes, they are. The Pyramid of Giza is the only wonder still standing from the old seven wonders of the World.

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