Six Tips for Establishing Good Homework Habits in Your Child

Mastering knowledge is best achieved when concepts are taught, revised, and reinforced to ensure student comprehension. By developing a profound understanding of the material and absorbing its contents completely, learning can reach its maximum potential. A combination of attentive classroom learning and doing regular homework to practice the learnt topics again is thus a powerful way to further the students’ knowledge. To make children take an active interest in doing homework, there are some simple measures one can take as a parent to establish good homework habits. This will help them avoid homework fatigue, stay focused on their studies, and spark their interest in learning further. What are these tried and tested methods? To know, read on!

1. Set a homework routine and schedule breaks

If you set a homework schedule, your child will understand that it is a regular part of the day. This will end the daily disagreements between you and your child. Allow them to take a few breaks as well and schedule those breaks. This practice will let your child relax for a few minutes in between tackling different subject assignments and then completing their homework on time.

2. Fix a suitable homework space 

Establishing a regular homework space makes your child consistent in their studies. At MIT Gurukul, one of the best schools for pre-primary education in India, we ensure our students learn in a positive and suitable place. You can do the same by finding the area in your house where your child is comfortable and attentive. If your child is an older student, you may select a large desk with all the necessary supplies. Younger children may require more help from you and enjoy studying in a communal space in the house, such as the dining hall.

3. Help your tiny tots when they struggle

An important part of creating good homework habits is deciding how much help your child needs. Avoid being tempted to complete their homework on their behalf when they feel perplexed. Let them challenge their potential and work it out. You can help them by:

  • Encouraging and praising them when they make a step in the right direction
  • Asking what your child remembers from their class might help them
  • Discussing your child’s difficulties and setbacks with the teacher
  • Asking your child if they want your help to understand any concept

4. Pay attention to what your child wants to express

Discipline and consistency are vital in establishing proper homework habits for kids. Yet parents must be flexible when needed. Your child may want to rest before diving into their homework after returning from school. They may perform better with some special supplies, music or white noise. Make your child feel valued and heard; the results will surprise you.

5. Stay positive and calm

If you stay positive and calm during the homework process, your child will enjoy doing their homework as they will also start imbibing being calm and relaxed during their home work schedule. They will also take your example and emulate these values in the classroom. MIT Gurukul, one of the best international schools in Pune, strives to bring joy to the learning experience through ideally paced classwork assignments that children can complete without rushing. We encourage parents to do the same when their children sit down with their homework.

6. Praise your child for their hard work 

IB program schools like MIT Gurukul focus on the all-round development of a child. We give positive feedback even for the attempts children make and not necessarily always only on accomplishing tasks. This keeps students motivated to try and try again. We request that you too  praise your child not only when they answer a question correctly but also when they do not give up on their learning process or struggles with learning and make another attempt at it. For example, if your child is weak in a particular subject, praise their effort and dedication when they try to complete their homework related to that subject. This will boost their confidence and build their perseverance.

Good homework habits create a lifelong aptitude of scholarly interest. On the other hand, bad homework habits in kids can create a negative attitude towards learning. Thus it is imperative that an enabling home atmosphere is created for the children to thrive in and make a good association in their minds with regard to homework routines. We hope that this article sheds light on some easily implementable practices and that with these, you see delightful changes in your children. A good dose of consistency and patience is surely the key to success. MIT Gurukul is happy to partner with the parents through discussions and brainstorming ideas on developing good homework habits among children. To speak with our academic coordinator or your child’s class teacher, please book an appointment by sending a note in your child’s almanac.

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