5 Easy Ways To Teach Table Manners to Your Kids

5 Easy Ways To Teach Table Manners to Your Kids

Knowing proper table manners is an important life skill that everyone should be aware of, even kids. So, you must teach your kids good table manners as early as possible. In fact, it should be made a part of a daily family ritual. By knowing good table manners, your kids will be able to become respectful and grateful for what they have in life. They will also be more confident in social situations.

As you must know, kids aren’t born with etiquette. So, you need to inculcate value education in them so that they can familiarise themselves with good habits and develop themselves into responsible individuals. Here are 5 simple yet effective ways in which you can teach table manners to your kids:

Praying before eating:

It is really important for you to teach your kids to pray before they start eating. This can be a way of showing respect to the person who has made the dinner and thanking God for our meals. Also, make your kids aware of the importance of words like Please and Thank You. It will impact their lives in the long run, and they will become better individuals.

Setting the table:

You should ask your kids to help you set the table. Teach them how to set up the plates and the glasses. You can also ask them to bring the cutlery from the kitchen and set it properly on the table. This will teach your kids the importance of discipline, and they will learn to take up different responsibilities in life. Your kids will also become more self-sufficient.

Abstaining from using electronics on the table:

It is also crucial for you to teach your kids to avoid bringing any kind of electronics to the table. You will find a lot of kids spending hours on the phone, even while eating. This is something that should be avoided. Dinner times are meant for spending quality time with family, and that should also be taught to the kids from an early age.

Following proper hygiene:

You should always give special importance to hygiene. Make sure that your kids wash their hands before eating. Explain the value of hygiene and cleanliness to them. Also, ensure that your kids eat with their mouths closed. This will again be a great way to teach your kids how to maintain hygiene while at the table.

Cleaning the table after meals:

Simply leaving the table after finishing the meal is again not recommended. You should teach your kids to responsibly put the cutlery in the sink after finishing the meal. They should also empty their plates and put the leftovers in the trash instead of waiting for someone to do the job.


By introducing the concept of table manners as fun learning, you will easily be able to familiarise your kids with various good habits. To know more about the different fun and interesting ways of making your kids aware of good table manners, you may contact us, and we will help you with the details.

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