How to Write an Article – IGCSE English

Articles resemble the essential design of the information we get in this world of ours. The different sorts of articles presently crumbled need direction on practices and tips for good article writing, giving this simplified and helpful arrangement. Here, we will learn significant hints on how to write an article.

Let’s take a look at A few Significant Hints to Compose an Article

Continuously plan what you need to compose 

whether it is uneven or a two-sided article. You are permitted to compose on the space accessible to go about your harsh responsibilities.


This is normally specified in the inquiries introduced. More often than not it is an article for a school magazine like the example question given previously. Realizing the audience is generally significant, so your language, tone, and the vocabulary mirror the ideal individuals you are focusing on.

Side of the Contention 

Except if referenced, you are permitted to do a two – sided article.


A viable introduction is to be with the end goal that tempts the peruser. You can depict the point you are expounding on and how significant the subject is in the current world. Or on the other hand if it is an issue, why does such an issue exist? Utilize great introduction phrases to make the introduction powerful and infectious.


This is the primary segment of your article composing. Utilization of good vocabulary words improves your article. You need to compose three points or supporting statements to shield your perspective in the event that you are endeavoring an uneven article. However, if you are doing a two-sided article you need to give two supporting statements for one or the other side, so in all out you are composing four points. Foster the body passages utilizing these supporting statements. Additionally, the prompts given in the inquiries can be utilized.


This is the last segment of your article. In this segment you need to summarize every one of your points and offer your last viewpoint. Try not to sum up the introduction and the substance you have examined in the body passages. You should focus on introducing your conviction and are permitted to give suggestions or put in a non-serious inquiry that will give something the peruser can contemplate on subsequent to perusing the article.

How Might You Organize the Article?

Since you have thought of the substance for your article, here are a few ways to organize your article.

If you are endeavoring an uneven article:

  • Section 1: Compose the Introduction
  • Section 2: Present your primary point with the supporting assertion
  • Section 3: Present your second point with the supporting assertion
  • Section 4: Present the point which individuals are holding and afterward go against by making sense of why they are off-base.
  • Section 5: Conclusion, your opinion, suggestion, or a potential answer for the issue

If you are endeavoring a two-sided article:

  • Passage 1: Compose the Introduction
  • Passage 2: Present the ‘for’ supporting statements
  • Passage 3: Present the ‘against’ supporting statements
  • Passage 4: Conclusion, your opinion, suggestion, or a potential answer for the issue


A few Normal Tips to Further develop your IGCSE English

Further develop Your Business Vocabulary

The majority of you perusing this article communicate in English as a second language, so you definitely know the significance of learning vocabulary in another dialect. Be that as it may, if you go above and beyond and get familiar with the subject specific vocabulary in business it will emphatically work on your responses.

Use Sentence Starters

Understudies frequently get adhered pondering how to start longer inquiries, or add long introductions that aren’t compensated with any imprints. Use sentence starters that cut to the chase of addressing the inquiry and avoid the introductions.

Learn Key Idea Definitions

This is positively the exhausting yet significant hint. On the Cambridge Worldwide IGCSE prospectus any idea referenced could be asked as a definition inquiry on the test. If you have taken in a short definition you won’t need to contemplate how to make sense of your response and can rapidly get full checks.

Utilize Connective Phrases

Inside each section connective phrases are an incredible method for keeping you focused on the inquiry and fabricate a chain of examination. This implies you can rapidly move from Information and application to examination, assessment and secure every one of the imprints.

Mistakes to Stay away from

Another normal understudy question is: “Are bullet points alright?” They can be valuable for completing inquiries under time tension. If you are almost out of luck and want to get a couple of definite information points you can rapidly record a couple of bullet points. In any case, they don’t permit the depth of answers needed to get more elevated level imprints.

End of the Tutorial

Now, we are toward the finish of our instructional exercise. If you are following these tips in a legitimate manner then you will actually want to improve your composing quality. At the point when you make something beautiful, it helps your confidence. Wishing you best of luck for the article writing IGCSE.



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