5 Ways to Sneak Vegetables & Fruits Into Your Child’s Meals

5 Creative & Easy Ways to Sneak Vegetables & Fruits into Your Child's Meals


It is very important to be healthy and fit and for that eating habits of vegetables is necessary. In this aspect, we all know it is too difficult for parents to get their children to eat vegetables for perfect health. Children have not liked vegetables so much, so the task has become extremely tough, and their tantrums need to be endured while eating vegetables.

Consuming vegetables full of nutrients can help all children grow mentally and physically. Additionally, most parents have to be involved in a battle at the dinner table to have vegetables for their children. In this crucial aspect, different kinds of sneaky tricks and creativity can make you intelligent enough to include vegetables in your child’s food. With the help of these parenting tips, it is very easy to incorporate vegetables in their food without them even observing.

On the other hand, in boarding schools, it is important to get vegetables and fruits in the food of all children while sometimes it is very difficult as students have not taken their meals for the reason of vegetables. The International Boarding School in Pune has applied certain tricks such as making some items with vegetables and great looks and tastes; all of these made the students happy and interested in the meal without even noticing the vegetables. Here are some amazing ways and tips for parents to effectively sneak vegetables and fruits into a child’s meal.

5 Tips/Ways to Sneak the Vegetable & Fruits into a Child’s Meal

Tip 1: Take the benefits of baking food

Fruit Desserts and Baked Goods Kids have a great interest in muffins, cookies, and sweet bread. The parents should utilize that interest to get them vegetables through those foods. It is one of the fantastic ways to incorporate vegetables and fruits into children’s food, such as chocolate banana muffins, cookies for breakfast, Zucchini muffins, banana blueberry bread, and others.

Banana cake is another dish for breakfast and any time, which can put a great smile on your children’s faces, and they don’t even have any idea as they have fruits and vegetables. In this way, baking makes it easy to provide healthy and nutritious vegetables and fruits to the children without bearing their tantrums.

Tip 2: Sneak finely chopped veggies and fruits into the food of kids

Fruit Pizza or Flatbread Another effective way to get into vegetables in children’s food is by presenting the veggies finely chopped and pureed. Healthy Mac and Cheese are one of the favorites for children, and adding some finely chopped sweet potato provides a healthy feeling.

Sweet potatoes are filled with less fat and more fiber. Additionally, other dishes such as cheese calzones and baked meatballs, along with sneaky vegetables and others. One can easily sneak vegetables such as parsley, zucchini, and chives with moist, packed meatballs in this dish.

Tip 3: Sneaky sauces with vegetables

Fruit Popsicles and Frozen Treats For a parent and any boarding school, it is one of the easier ways to incorporate vegetables into children’s food. Sneaky veggie sauces made it easy for all parents to provide healthy foods to their children. As an example pasta sauce and pizza sauce in which various vegetables have been incorporated.

All the vegetables in the sauce can add vitamins and minerals without changing the flavor. The sauce can be made easily, and children cannot understand the hidden vegetables in the sauce.

Tip 4: Cheese covers a mass of vegetables

Fruit Sauces and Dips Cheese is a strong item that covers all other things on the plate and through this way, parents can hide nutritious vegetables and fruits. Another substitute of cheese, bacon, and cream can do the same. Preschools in Pune have applied this technique to make children interested in the foods. Some items that can be made like this are spinach, lasagna rolls, and potato corn chowder. The chowder is full of vegetables but has a crispy bacon cover.

Tip 5: Making the food fun

Fruit Smoothies The looks of the food need to be amazing, and its taste needs to be delicious so that children cannot find the vegetables, such as fruit pizza, banana boat, and orange pumpkins. All of these items have been presented with a great look that enhances children’s interest in food, and its taste enables them to forget about the presence of vegetables. In this way, it has become easy to serve vegetables to children without knowing them.


Thus, it can be concluded that by implementing these tricks, parents and all the boarding schools can easily fill children’s health with nutritious foods. It can be ensured that children eat vegetables without any kind of tantrums. With the help of this habit, at some point, they even started liking the taste of vegetables and having them without any sneaky tricks. As a result, a balanced diet and healthy food habits help the children grow mentally, and physical power has also been enhanced.
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